My Ears Are Back! “Completely”

Now I can get back to working on my album. With my right ear out of commission. I wasn’t able to record any vocals. We played it back and the sound of a person with a stuffy nose was coming from the speakers. I’m already under confident when it comes to my singing voice. So, I had to sit this out and wait for it to heal.

Now we are back on our regularly scheduled program. This time around I’m taking it very easy. I apologize for having to put everyone on speaker. I can have anyone in my ear talking nonstop nonsense. The volume is on five not ten. We’ve made up for the lost time. I’ve been working nonstop since Saturday. Also, I worked this weekend at the funeral home. I totally needed to be at 100 percent. It was a huge service and everyone needed to be attended to. On Tuesday morning, we were supposed to meet up for breakfast. Of the three of us, I’m the only one that uses public transportation the most. We were aiming for an 11am meeting. Around 9:45, my phone began to ring like crazy. As well as, the flow of text messages coming. Meanwhile, I’m sitting here watching “Drag Race” having my morning coffee. I finally answer the phone and I’m being asked about my safety. I turned to the news channel and I see that it was a massacre in the subway. I immediately called my friend Belinda. She lives not too far from there. She was home safe and sound. Thank goodness.

A man let out a smoke grenade and fired rounds of shots in a subway car. I’m watching the video of the victims exiting the train running for safety. Many were totally wounded, you can see everyone trying to help one another. I had to stop watching after I’ve seen enough blood. With that said, I had the guys come over and we ordered food and I made cocktails in the backyard. It was a beautiful day in New York City. As far as, the weather was concerned. My heart and prayers goes out to the victims and the families. They’ve finally identified the man. He’s still on the run at the moment. So, it’s very uncomfortable in the subways and the streets. The police are walking around ready to get this individual. It’s a total manhunt in the area. We are staying out of the way.

We’ve accomplished a lot yesterday. The album is coming along wonderfully. We have a whole concept now. I’m going to be shooting a scene for a series this weekend. I’m so excited about that! The just need to find this shooter before I go out. The Uber and Lyft fees are through the roof. Which I understand that money needs to made. But damn, after the aftermath. They should have an ounce of consideration.



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