New Music, New Album & A Few More Episodes.

As my ears are slowly recovering. We’re still working hard. I mean, it is a team of three. Things will still get done if we’re out of commission. It has happened many times after a wild night. We were zooming from bed having meetings and whatnot. It’s pretty hilarious, none of us are able to scream. Which is actually a great thing.

We’ve recruited a few new artists. Two of them went MIA, it’s totally fine. I guess they didn’t have faith in us amateurs. Yes. I’m a little salty about it. If they hit us up when we improve. We very much are improving. Which this latest project does show a lot of growth. The feedback has been so dope! The conversation will not be pretty. The other two have been pretty awesome and have blessed my upcoming album with some solid background vocals. It has also helped me figure out which genres I’ll be with. I’m not going to be spitting rhymes or singing about some breakup. I want folks to dance and have a great time. That’s what it’s all about for me. I love that a few of my favorite artists have moved to the electronic music genre.

One of my favorite artists is Jody Watley. I’ve followed her since her second album. I ended getting her first eventually. I was about 6 when she dropped her solo debut. Since then, I have every album except “The Saturday Night Experience”. I always enjoy a good house remix. She definitely gave us many of them. However, I wasn’t expecting a dance album after the “Flower” album. That is an underrated album. I’m still bothered by this. Anyway, my dad’s friends would always blast anything from Masters At Work. There’s a song titled “I love to love” on the “Midnight Lounge” album. Oh my goodness! It gives me so much life.

Her following albums, ep’s and singles have all been amazingly consistent. Which has inspired me to go the funky house music route. The “Midnight Lounge” album definitely plays a role here. That’s the vibe I was aiming for when I first started. I’ve finally got it right. My first single from the upcoming album will be released on April 29. It’s titled “Get Up” It’s a happy dance track, it has a funk and house with background vocals and adlibs. We had a lot of fun recording this one. The rest of the album will consist of Techno, Electro House, Funk, Jazz and Reggae. Which is due this summer. Below you can see the promo video for the new single “Get Up” I’ll be attaching the link for preorder when it’s available.

Also, there are four more episodes left of my animated series. Before the season finale. Which is going to be pretty darn interesting.


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