New Single…. Right Here “Remix”

Hello Friends! The remix was released yesterday. I was so caught up with other things. I looked out the window and saw snow. That immediately solidified that I wouldn’t be leaving the house at all. However, I didn’t realize that I would sleep the majority of the day. I’ve missed a few important calls, emails and a delivery. That I now have to go to the post office for.

About the single… I’ve created a visual and posted on YouTube. That was enjoyable to create. However, as the days were approaching. I started to dislike the song. Wait! I produced this and I was feeling so good about it before. I don’t know what has come over me. I was telling James that “this isn’t it”. He gave me some advice that relaxed me. I was planning on doing another version and releasing it later on. The night before the release, I did exactly that. I began switching tempos changing pitches. The results were disastrous.

It’s now release day and I’m in full slumber mode. Thanks to the sky for a snow day. As I’m in and out of sleep watching classic sitcoms. My phone was going off like nuts. A friend called to tell me that they’ve heard the song and like it. Then, that happened for the rest of the day. I’ve finally responded around 5am this morning. My feelings have changed again. I love what I’ve created. As well as, an extended version. I guess it was just nerves. Ugh!

This started a Hip-Hop/Jazz track. That was the intention. Suddenly, I heard these drums and then played the keyboard. This was giving a dance vibe. I was picturing a lounge and everyone is just having a ball. Because of my love for disco. I’ve added a some disco to really make it a Charles track. I’m becoming a lot more comfortable with my vocals. I love to riff, run and ad-lib on a track. You can definitely hear that I was having fun.

Take a listen… Download and share!!! Let me know what you think!!

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

2 thoughts on “New Single…. Right Here “Remix””

  1. Job well done on the remix. This was all YOU!! I’m so proud of you!!!! I hear that voice and you sound great!! The way you edited my vocals were insane! You really wanted to do this with feeling resentment afterwards. Keep on going you’re getting better and better. As long as you—- see MANAGEMENT xoxo 😘

    1. I had to step up since you were out of commission. I did have second thoughts at the very last second. Then I was like F it! Thanks for even partnering with me. You’re an amazing teacher. 😋😘

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