No hard feelings… For now.

Donovan has been trying to make peace, extend olive branches, whatever it takes to make these people happy. It never seems to be enough. After the entire devastation that were still in. It’s called 2020.. He learned a lot about himself, friends and a word that he’ll no longer use loosely. The word “Family” Its just a word. Nothing great has come from it. Well.. The fact that he’s low key building a new one. Might changes the way that he feels about things. At the present moment, it’s a no serious NO!!

He’s starting to see what many other relatives and former friends of the family. These people no longer visit or whenever they are mentioned. It’s usually not too polite. However, this is their blood relative. He was informed by many of these people growing up. About the extremely horrible things they would say about him. This was a kid with no parents, really. You provide for him and at the same time, you verbally and emotionally abuse him. This kid was unsure about life, his sexuality and almost everything in between. His cousins tortured him. They bullied him much worse than the kids at school did. However, he never mistreated them in any way. He always remained respectful. If he didn’t they would all beat him. They’ve tried before and he went crazy and pulled two knives out. He was outed by his family. Little did they know, he already was out. This kid was a total introvert growing up. He played video games and maintained being on the honor roll. That was his peace of mind. Until the family came around.

He began to notice a lot of things. Most of the things his parents told him about. It was all coming true. They would be good to people then suddenly, you never hear from them again. He would always hear that it was the other person. That may have cause the issue. This started to become repetitive. This was close family members. The kids use to come and stay the weekend. That all stopped. What was going on? Donovan may be a nerd that couldn’t get away from Mario. However, he knew a lot about people. It was them… He witnessed a few disagreements. It was totally devastating and they were totally in the wrong. After that, they would talk so bad about these people. No one would want to come around. At one time Donovan stood up for the people who were against his family. It was never the same after that. He was always the bad guy. They bring this up and it was over twenty years ago. They still talk crap about him too. He doesn’t even go near them. Yet!! The people are still talking.

They don’t invite him to anything. Unless, they need help with funding for the function. He always replies with a laughing no. He usually finds out about these family gatherings on a live feed. First of all, it’s still a pandemic. It’s gross.. All kinds of unhealthful crap. During the pandemic, they barely spoken to one another. It was the nail in the coffin for him. Along, with asking for assistance for something. That he’s been passionate about for years. Yet, they ridiculed him for him. It’s like.. “Hey there, Hypocrites!!” He definitely declined with some choice words. They felt that it was his duty to help them. After they supported him all the years. He’s definitely paid them back, they ran him ragged, took his money, took all kinds of abuse from them. They are so upset that he stays away. They say that “He thinks he’s better than us.” That man went and made some amazing friends and build a whole new family. They all celebrate one another, they’re supportive and they treat Donovan with so much respect. He’s not even use to it. That’s a little sad too. His friends think that he sells himself short. Well, this is why.. He’s found himself since. He has no hard feelings at all. He doesn’t even want a relationship with them. What he is… Is a firm believer of karma. It’s hitting back and it’s in a weird way. Today he just walks by and gives a pleasant hello. He doesn’t tell them anything about his life. They’ll see on social media. You know… They way he finds out about weddings, parties and funerals.

No hard feelings though… Not his cup of tea, anyway. He’s the one that stays away. All the people that left years ago. Just looked at him and said…. “ITS ABOUT TIME!!!” Then embraced him with open arms.

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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