Now this is a Verzuz!!

Twenty two years since they went back and forth on “The Boy Is Mine”. I can’t believe it was that long ago. I can tell you… Experiencing that moment was one of the best moments in R&B.

Years ago…

Brandy just released her first full album in 8 years, titled B7. Monica released a few singles since the 2015 Code Red album. “Commitment and Me + You” on her own record label Mondeenise Music. Also, she’s on vh1’s “T. I & Tiny, The Family Hustle” With that said….. Girl!!! We need a new Monica album immediately!!

Here we go!!!

It was already a competition between the two. Their around the same age. They were putting songs out around the same time. Some friends were team Brandy. Others were on team Monica. I always remained pretty neutral. At least, that’s what I thought. You may own all of their music. In my opinion, it’s who you listen to more. For me it was Monica, I felt her music was a bit older. Even though, I’m in their age group. I felt Brandy’s was teen friendly. At fifteen, I definitely wasn’t a teenager. The gossip magazines went crazy on them. Which intensified the fan beef. Until this day we don’t really know what beef they had or have. Monica has always spoken extremely high of Brandy. She acknowledges where her Grammy came from. Brandy, has thrown shade at times. According to the media. For me… It’s about taking us back to our teenage years and reminiscing. This is going to be epic!!!!

Monday August 31 at 8pm Eastern. We are going get our wigs snatched!!

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