Numbers Definitely Don’t Lie!!

However, it’s the people that do! I’ve found this quote after hearing a Jay-Z song. He said “Men lie, Women Lie… Numbers don’t!” I was told to keep this in mind. Especially, when it comes to your “friends, relatives and acquaintances” showing support. I’ve always received my biggest support from total strangers. I’m definitely okay with that.

Last night Jay asked about my insights. I told him that I don’t check as often. He took the pleasure himself to do so… He hits me with “You have more people in another continent listening to your music. You have people all over the place reading your stories. However, your peeps in your hometown are garbage!” Listen… I know that everyone will say that they have your back. They listen, read, watch or whatever. I know the ones that support. It doesn’t bother me at all. I just return that same energy. I won’t fabricate a lie saying how much I support. I’ll flat out tell you that I do or don’t. I have a “friend” that went on this whole speech… “Charley, I support you!! I’m your biggest fan!! I’m loving your new ventures!!” It went on and on. My response was “Yeah, Ok!” I’m thinking.. this dude is the biggest pathological liar I’ve ever ran across. I’ve noticed how he would just bash someone. I started thinking I know he does this to me too. Also, if everyone else is doing great. He has to find a way to top it. Or, if you’re in a crappy situation. His was way more devastating. We all just roll our eyes whenever he starts. He’s also one that wants you to do okay. You just can’t do better than him. I use to have a soft spot and would give passes. Those passes have been terminated.

While Jay is not the “I told you so!” type. He will just give a look that says it all. He said that I was too nice. I’ve worked on this! I had to separate myself from everyone and just analyze everything. I started rocking out alone. Everyone immediately started asking about this friend. I just said that I’m having my alone time. I didn’t know how much that I enjoyed it. However, everyone was saying that it’s good that I’m not hanging out with this person anymore. People can be so messy and shady. My eyes and ears were wide open. I’ve noticed the responses I get when I mention my significant other. I’ve noticed the responses I get when I accomplish something. Meanwhile, I’ve been the biggest cheerleader for all of my friends. Jay suggested that I stop. Where are the brakes!!

The cheerleading has stopped! I’ve only showed or supported those that have done the same. If it’s not 50/50… I’m good!!

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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