Once this is over…. I totally recommend this restaurant!!!

The Bunna Cafe in Brooklyn

As the pandemic was getting started. Schedules have begun to slow down. My sister and I were finally able to stop, catch up and have lunch. Growing up we were inseparable. We still are it’s just life has taken over. We even made a pact to do something every other weekend. Then three days later. EVERYTHING IS CLOSING UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!! We’re on the phone more than ever now. She always knows the best places to eat. She’s a vegetarian probably on her way to vegan. I’m a pescatarian. So, it wasn’t hard to decide on a place. She asked me if I had ever tried Ethiopian food. I haven’t at all. I was totally open to it. It’s nice when you can decide on a place to eat and have to go to war doing so.

The beer was great

So, she mentions a spot in called Bunna Cafe. I’ve walked past this place numerous times when I was spending the summer in Bushwick. She was telling me how much I would enjoy it. I did my research on the menu. I was totally game!! We haven’t seen each other in months. I was trying my hardest not to be late. I usually am late. We both end up texting that we were going to be late. I managed to get there first. I walked in and I was mesmerized. It’s all about the atmosphere. I was greeted and I sat at the bar until my sister arrived. So, I jump on the alcohol menu. I asked questions about the beer. The hostess recommended the one above and it was amazing. I had about three.

Options are good.

My sister arrives. She looks fabulous as usual. We start talking catching up. I miss my sister!! We’re talking about everything!! We began to order the food. Then right before the food comes.. She whispers… “You know it’s tradition to eat with your hands.” I’m looking around and I didn’t see an eating utensil. I was totally cool with it. You have this bread to eat it with. Thankfully, I wasn’t stoned. That would’ve been disastrous!!

The food was amazing!!!

The food comes and it smells and looks amazing. This was the first time I ate all of my food. I didn’t need a doggy bag. It was filling and it hit my taste buds like crazy. I highly recommend this restaurant if you’re ever in Brooklyn. Once, this world opens back up!! Hopefully it’s soon!! Stay in the house!!!


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