One thing off the bucket list.

We can finally check this off! My music has went from SoundCloud to all music streaming platforms. Effective today!!! It’s crazy seeing my work on Apple, Spotify and Tik Tok. It feels pretty gnarly! It’s officially my solo debut!!! It has taken me a minute and change to get here. Previous posts will explain it all. I’m so pumped!!!

The official single is The Funk Building. It was available on the site for a while via SoundCloud. Now that it’s available everywhere. I can buzz out a new song. I’ve finished two songs today. That’s going to be on my debut album. It’s funny because we’ve done over thirty songs. We’re talking from November to now. This is stressful and fun at the same time. I only like maybe six of them. We’re going to go back and rework some of them. The one I worked on today gave me hell. I had two friends lend vocals. Jay had the beat but the tempo was off to me. Lixander and Charlize did an amazing job. He hated the song that he was going to scrap it altogether. After it was completed…. I think not!!

We’ve each listened to the song separately and together. This went on for a good three hours. I listened in the coffee shop. I thought it was just okay. However, it was good enough to become a single. Or, a filler track on the album. It can even be a B-Side. I went to a napping Jay. He had to speed the song up a bit. After the change, it was everything that I needed. This was the first time that we all took a nap in the studio. I can produce from my home studio. However, he has the best equipment. Also, he doesn’t ever leave his place. Unless, he has a meeting or a job to do. If I’m going to have my stuff in a timely fashion. I’m working with him.

Another song that I have released is called “Come on, Sonya!!” I’ve mentioned that one many posts ago. That wasn’t supposed be a release. Somehow, it did. That’s more of a Lo-Fi, groove and hip hop track. Part of the Sonya series. There’s also, Where is Sonya? I’m still pinching myself as I’m writing this. I was really considering tossing the towel. Just do a few acting gigs. Then jump in whenever we had a live performance. I would join for a song on ToniSteelz’s set. I am beginning to work on a visual piece for one of the songs. I’m going to get some creative input from my friend Belinda. As well as, Clara Jones she’ll likely be producing the video.

Please enjoy Come on Sonya!! As well as, The Funk Building!!! Available everywhere!!!!!


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Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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