Oops!! I’m that friend!!

What can I say?

Once upon a time. I had a large group of friends. Nothing bad happened. We’ve all grown up and moved to different states.

If I’m not with The Farmer. I’m usually with my best bud Danny. He’s an amazing person. We’ve met at the local bar. After two minutes, we’ve instantly bonded. I do believe people come into your life. For some reason. I don’t know what. However, meeting him has truly been a blessing. We find out we both work in the same area. So, we always meet at the bar. We saw each other everyday. We talked about all kinds of things. That we’ve gone through. He’s a breath of fresh air. Then one day.. I really opened up to him. I instantly burst into tears. Really? In the middle of the street. In the afternoon. What?? He says “Charley, it’s fine. Shit we’ll cry together.” This dude is my hero!!!

In a nutshell.

Fast forward it’s three years later. We are now neighbors. We’re best friends. We’re minutes apart. We spend less time at the bar now. We’re responsible men!! Lol!! So, it’s usually… You’re place or mine. We’ll catch up on our craziness.


Now, it’s time to plan. What the hell are we going to do? This is where I become the indecisive friend. I don’t mean to be that way. Lately, when him and I meet up. I’m just starting my day. Sometimes it takes me three hours to function properly. He’ll come up with all these ideas. I’m like, nope!! Then he comes with something else. Still, nope!! Then, I’ll agree with something. Then change my mind and blame him for it. Which frustrates him. He has every reason to be.

Yep!! This is us.

Eventually, I’ll get out of the Debbie Downer mode. I want to do stuff but I need to process it.. He’s always ready. I’m trying to get like him. However, I’ve become this dude. ⬇️


We had a great weekend. We’ve played ping pong. Did a little karaoke. I was good, he was great! Then we went to IHOP (my first time) I ate pancakes. Even planning that was hell. However, he called me out on it. He definitely was right about it. It’s a work in progress. As for now, I’m the friend. That just needs a boost when it’s time to get out.

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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