Relationships aren’t for everyone.

You can long for it, admire the couples kissing in the street. Spend most of your time around couples. You do get inspired and think.. “I want to be in a relationship.” However, when it comes. It can be a hit. Or, a total miss match.

Not everyone is the “Dating App” type. Most get hit with a filtered picture of a body part. It’s usually from the person that is interested in a relationship. Not an immediate smash session. Like, if that’s what we’re looking for. I’m sure that it would’ve been stated. Many of us are picky as hell. I’m in fact one of them. I decided to go out with an open mind and heart. Before you had to look a certain way. Now, I’m like… “Just love me and I’ll love you back!” I guess this is what happens when you get older.

If you and the other person isn’t on the page. Let them know that… You might not be ready for a relationship. While the other person is. I’ve learned that.. “Let’s just be friends with benefits.” Doesn’t actually work.. I was totally honest. You have to be friends with someone first. I just didn’t want the title at the moment. I even mentioned.. “Who knows what the future might bring?” I still wanted to be cool at least. I guess the other party didn’t want it. It’s understandable.. You can’t please everyone. I guess you just move on. However, I want to avoid that awkward moment. We go to the same bars. I’m totally the friendly type that wouldn’t be mean. I would say hello… I’ll even be a wing person. It may not have been me. However, that handsome guy over there might be.

I also said… I don’t want to be in a relationship just to be in one. Many people I know are. Some are just in it for financial reasons. Some don’t even respect their partners. My married friends are different. They are in it for the long haul. For better or worse, sickness and health. All that good stuff that’ll come with it. I guess, it’s going to be. When it happens, I guess. Back to the drawing board.

Here we go… If Sonya can get out there. So can I.

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.