Reunion Time!!! Watching: Real Housewives Of Atlanta -Season 12 Reunion

The time has finally come!! After a full season of shade throwing, cursing one another out and making fun of each others relationships. We are now blessed with a virtual reunion. Yes!! It is virtual. Many of us are thinking… How can this happen with these ladies? Loud mouths and huge personalities. Listen… Andy Cohen is a genius. He’s feeling much better and made it happen!!! I know he had that mute button on fire!!! Lol!! Personally, I think it will turnout great. He knows how to handle these ladies. So far…. Part one was very entertaining. Of course… They were extra loud. Let’s talk about it….

We started off with the ladies at home. Shout out to Kandi!!! Doing her glam all by herself. That is how you “Social Distance“! Here is what they look like!!

In my opinion the best looks go to…. Kenya, Cynthia, Eva and Kandi. We start with the alter egos. Cynthia vs. 50Cynt, NeNe vs. Nay Nay and Kenya vs. Ken. The best Kandi vs. Salt Bae. Kenya was called a “B” a few minutes into the show. She said it’s was ahead of schedule. They are coming for her… She is holding her own so far. I totally disagree about it being karma. Like Kandi stated… “The distance and readjusting to change. May be the issue in their marriage.” Now for NeNe saying that “Kenya didn’t use her own eggs for carrying her child.” Now if that isn’t a low blow. I don’t know what is… Now It’s NeNe vs. Eva… Omg!!! Many people may think that NeNe won that round. She didn’t… She’s just loud. Andy hit that mute button, Chyle. With the kids being off limits. They really broke the rules… NeNe called Kenya’s baby a Buffalo. So, she finally claps back with saying that her kids look like her… Eva chimes in with “Touche’!!!” Kenya didn’t stop there… She  said “NeNe looks like one of the girls from the film White Chicks. Since, they are disregarding the rules. Now they are coming for peoples finances and everything.

Porsha: You ain’t no Spring Chicken BooBoo! Eva replies: You are an Aged Hen. Lol!!!!

It’s finally receipt time!!! Kenya produces the first receipt. Her marriage certificate for all of the haters. Then NeNe chimes in… They come for her and she shuts her computer. Tanya and Marlo arrives to the screen. Before we get to them… Kandi was excellent as the “Bone Collector“. A Class “”A” instigator. Yes for KMZ!!!!! I don’t feel that Eva’s comment was offensive… Dennis with a bow means she looks like her dad. Okay Porsha… Stop with the threats. You are too pretty to be talking like that. Now the comments about the nappy and etc… I don’t see it as her being offensive. At the same time, I get where Kenya is coming from. A person of a darker complexion with type 4 hair will take offense. Eva!!! Stop shutting up!!! I’m waiting for you to really drag one of these ladies. They cover that NeNe has basically made up with everyone. With the exception of Kenya. I do feel like NeNe isn’t sincere with her apologies. I mean really??? She lets Kenya know despite everything she supports her. Moments later she making fun of her relationship status. Come on, now! Tanya… I really enjoy you. You’re truly a breath of fresh air. However, stop with chanting from the sidelines. You’re doing way too much. It’s not time for you and Marlo yet. Now Porsha is coming with some receipt. I think the liquor is hitting quick. I doubt the receipt is even effective. I doubt Kenya will dog Cynthia out. Especially, with Porsha… Girl, stop!!!! We just have to wait and see. Part two airs next Sunday.

Who do you think will be the MVP of the reunion?

Photos courtesy of Bravo.


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One thought on “Reunion Time!!! Watching: Real Housewives Of Atlanta -Season 12 Reunion”

  1. Loved this virtual reunion, part one.

    It was a good first round. These women can put on a show. Andy ruffling all the birds feathers up in there. 😂

    The sound bite that accurately describes part I, “We shade each otha.”

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