Running into your ex boyfriend’s parents… It was an accident.

Can things get any more wackier? Sonya and Jonathan were out shopping for holiday ornaments. He actually suggested that they go into the city. Which she should have taken as a red flag. This man doesn’t like Manhattan at all. He has pretty much everything in his neighborhood. You can’t really blame him for that. Especially, during these times. They’ve witnessed someone literally lighting up a crack pipe in the middle of the street. However, it’s the holidays and he likes the lights and the store windows.

They stop at her favorite restaurant for a quick bite. Along with a few glasses of wine. It’s a gorgeous day outside. So they decided to sit in the backyard area. Who knew this place even had backyard? You will learn a lot about places. Especially, when they’re trying to survive. His, well their neighborhood bar has towers of heaters. It’s been working out pretty good. You’ll be nestled in a bubble of heat. It’s actually pretty romantic. They are super, super sanitary. Anyway, they have their late breakfast and generated a buzz. These two drunk shopping is actually pretty hysterical. As they walk into the store. Sonya, notices someone waving at her. What? Did she drop something? You can’t tell who’s who these days. You’re supposed to be wearing a mask. She waves back at the woman. The woman says… “Is that you, Sonya?” She noticed the voice right away. It’s her ex-boyfriends mother. She explained to Sonya, she just saw her post on social media. That’s how she recognized her. Sonya, thanks the liquid courage. Immediately, extends her arms for an air hug. She mentions that her son is getting married. Sonya is very aware of this. She’s actually very happy for him. She continues with… How much she really can’t stand the fiancé. Sonya interrupts immediately… “This is Jonathan. This is my boyfriend.” The mom looked a bit disappointed. She always liked Sonya. She’ll invite Sonya to a few get togethers. She would leave whenever Alex showed up. They exchanged hellos and she tells her. “He’s handsome.. Not like my son though.” She laughs it off. Meanwhile, she’s thinking… Your son doesn’t bang me like Jonathan does.” Jonathan, reminds her that they need to be somewhere. Safe!!!!

They get away from the Mom. He has a ton of questions.. He was a bit shocked that they still keep in touch. She didn’t do anything wrong to Sonya. Also, she’s friends with Sonya’s aunt. There will always be that connection. The entire time, she was holding on to him. Kissing his face every chance she got. If it wasn’t for the liquid courage. There is a possibility that she would have totally ignored this woman. Which, would’ve been awkward later on. Things tend to come back and bite people. The two lovebirds continue shopping and giving people cavities with their cuteness.

They get home and she sees a text from Alex. Here we go… “My mother is upset with me.. She said that I’m a total F up. I didn’t know what I had and now I’m marrying a cockeyed heifer!!” Sonya does nothing but respond with “I know, I know.”

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