See What Happens When You Leave The Door Unlocked….

I’m heading home from an afternoon of treating myself. Yes! I feel that it’s a requirement to pamper yourself twice a week. Saying that you don’t have time to do so, is bull crap. Anywho, the phone is vibrating nonstop. I’m jamming to Whitney Houston’s “I’m your baby tonight “ album. You don’t interrupt Nippy! Eventually, I looked and saw who it was.

“How was today? Where are you? Can you come over here?” An extremely excited Jay asked. It was his lucky day. I was two subway stops away from him. He mentioned that his boys are coming later. Which means that this is not our usual end of day. No Netflix and chilling with munchies. The dudes are going to be jamming and writing music. I’m under his wing and he’s been showing me all this amazing stuff. However, these dudes will get so wasted. It’ll probably end up smelling like a dive bar on a hot summer night. Along, with the stench of cigarettes and different strains of marijuana. I’ve been to many studio sessions before. This is a playpen compared to what I’ve been to. These guys are super cool and supportive to anyone that is willing to learn. They said that they’ve enjoyed my energy the last time. It was the shots of Jameson that loosened me up. Thanks to the sauce!

We worked on my project for a bit. Which is going absolutely wonderful. We’ve gotten through the legal process. That was the most fun. I saw where these record labels can really rob you. That will not be me! I’m still trying to figure out a logo style for my production company. I have enough songs to release an album. However, the independent artist thing is different than a major. You have to really get out and promote yourself. Also, we’ve started on one genre. It’s now five months later and I’m doing Jazz, Ambient and Blues. I’m really enjoying the Lo-Fi vibe. His nephew Lixander has been great showing me different types of vocal tricks. You can have a lion sound like a hummingbird. His singing voice reminds you of Marc Anthony and Maxwell. I know it’s totally different artist. He can sound like both of them. His voice can do that on its own. He’s been working on my voice and we’re going somewhere. I’m doing a little something on the house mix I released on SoundCloud. “Step Into The House” We didn’t have to do much work. Also, I can hit a high note. I’ve always stayed in this certain range. I’m a scaredy-cat like that.

It’s many hours later. Lixander began to sing in freestyle. The other dudes chimed in and started rapping. I started riffing and running. Jay played this funky ass beat. Next thing you know we have a song. It was funny how this happened…..

One of the guys smoked a cigar. A few of us can’t take the smell. He decided to open the door and go outside. What he didn’t do was close the door. This part of Jay’s house is where everyone hangs out at. The man cave/studio is a nice setup for an introvert like him. The bad part is the field mice that run around at night. They will run into his studio if the door is open. This dude had way too many drinks and forgot to close the door. Everyone is having a blast recording. We weren’t paying attention at all. All of a sudden, Lixander screamed at the top of his lungs. He jumped on the table hysterically pointing at the floor. Even thought it was hilarious. Picture if Jack from Will & Grace saw a mouse. He’s becoming the Jack to my Will lately. That’s why the reference. Jay somehow chased the rodent out of room. This mouse didn’t want to leave. She wanted to rock out with the fellas and jam.

Stay tuned for a song about a mouse, a screaming man on a table with a banshee with a broom.

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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