She can Double Date.. They just need to have personalities.

After a quick four hour shift. Which is something I’ve never understood. It’s a waste of a day. For some individuals, it will cost more commuting. Then what they would actually make in those four hours. That’s just my opinion. Everyone is taking an Uber these days. Also, I’ve been summoned to do a four hour shift. Thankfully, I had stuff to do in the area.

It wasn’t an issue for Sonya. She was off at 2pm. That’s usually when Jonathan gets off and hits the bar. He decided that they meet in the city. He wanted to see what has happened since March. His office has always been home based. He keeps it pretty local. The two meet up in the Meatpacking District. That has to be the most depressing place to walk by. Last year, it was packed and full of pop up shops and restaurants. Today, it’s a ghost town with boards on establishments. He took a few pics and wanted to go back to his side of town. He looked like he was going to cry. She grabs his hand and they walk to the subway. “It’s so gross out here! The huge stores are gone! Wtf?” He continues on for the entire commute. He’s muffled at times, it’s the mask. She just nods in agreement. She actually does agree. She’s not going to have a conversation on the subway with a mask on. Too much of… “What??? Or Ha????” It can be annoying. They exit the subway. He grabs her butt as she walks up the stairs. She playfully slaps him with her purse. They walk over to the bar. He now is looking like he’s seen a ghost. She looks and it’s someone in their seat. He suggests that they take the drink and head to his place. That was going to happen anyway.

They run into Bismarck and Lane. His friends that usually hang with him on Saturday’s. Lane and Sonya hit it off instantly. Him and Bismarck are practically brothers. It’s actually really cute and funny when they go back and forth. They decide to stay at the bar. Jonathan wasn’t to thrilled and Bismarck saw it in his face. “Let the girls hang for a bit. She’s cool as a fan, Bro!!” Jonathan laughs.. “I know, that’s why I’m with her. She’s incredible. We’ll talk!” The ladies head back from the restroom. They look like they were up to something. They were just gossiping about the guys. She was giving Jonathan some major points. She definitely filled Sonya in about him. Also, she told Sonya she knows about the entanglement- Loss 👖 She told Sonya, he’s definitely not like that. He’s a very patient person. He’s not going to ask you to marry him after a date. However, he’s a man and he has needs. Sonya did let her know that they did it already. She laughs hysterically… Her phone is ringing and ringing. It’s Clara.. Where was Clara when Sonya needed words of wisdom? She did what Clara would do anyway. She puts the phone on speaker… Clara begins talking about the app on her phone is magical. Lane goes to the guys and tell them she took a call. Jonathan immediately yells… “Hey Clara!!” Telling them… “You have to meet her!! She’s a freaking trip!! If you need to throw someone out of your apartment. Get her ass to do it!! Just don’t have Sonya around… She’ll just bust out laughing and make it worse for the person.” She doesn’t care, it’s funny as hell.

After a few rounds of drinks. They all decide to go for a stroll. The tipsy mask stroll. They guys suddenly start singing Michael Jackson’s Beat It. The girls are pretending to be groupies. It’s totally hilarious. She’s having a total blast with this couple. It’s totally a breath of fresh air from hanging with Serena and her boyfriend. Sonya actually made plans for a brunch. The girls start singing the theme song to The Facts Of Life. It’s now a singalong sing-a-thon. There are no side conversations, slick comments or any foolishness that the other does. Sonya is relieved that she can actually do the double date thing. They hung out with Brenda and Opal last week. Clearly, we see where the problem is. The ladies finally exchanged numbers and social media information. The guys do some weird handshake and they dip off.

As the couple heads home. They discuss Lane and Bismarck. She really likes them. They’re texting him that the love her. He still has to meet Clara physically, Bernadette and Beatrice. Those are the ones that he’ll end up yelling at for calling whenever they’re trying to smash. He makes a hot chocolate with rum. She rolls up some happiness. These two end up passing both back and forth. He then licks her ear. Immediately shouts.. “Come on, Woman!!! Give it to me!!” She sashays over and kisses him on the cheek. “My friend is here and we can’t.” He had the look of a kid. That lost his favorite toy or pet. He looked like a sad puppy. He sits her on his lap and they watch television. She reaches in his pants.. “I’m kidding.. Give it to me now!!” He slaps her butt and chases her around the room. He catches her, carries her to the room and annihilate her.

Now that she’s conquered the double dating fears. Will they ever conquer a dinner date with Serena and her boyfriend?

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