She’s not a friend to Sonya

Over the weekend, Lane and Sonya played catch up. It’s only been two weeks. For them a day apart is a nightmare. It’s been nothing but bed rest for Lane. While Bismarck and Jonathan have been playing doctor and cop. Her parents have flown in a few times. Her feet are swollen and she just wants to lay around and eat. Sonya has a new venture that’s come out of nowhere. Jonathan has decided to help her out. While he’s launching his business.

A few months ago, Sonya was approached by this woman. She was getting coffee for her and Jonathan. She was looking a complete mess. The woman said she was a talent scout for a modeling agency. She said that Sonya has an interesting look about her. She was always told that she should model. Her cousin presses her often that she needs to before her looks fade. She never takes anything seriously when it comes to her appearance. Just as long as she’s not busted. However, that morning in Starbucks said different. The woman explained herself and what company she works for. It’s a very familiar talent agency. Thank goodness for long lines. I don’t think Sonya would’ve even paid any attention to the woman. They finally exchange information and she wanted Sonya to call her the next morning.

She gets back to the house and she tells him the story. He takes the business card and begins to investigate. Then they had this extremely long conversation. He said she should go for it. He thought she was an actress or some type of performer when they met. He even offered to manage her. He also said that no other men can look at her. He doesn’t want her experiencing no “Me too” moments. He’s not worried about her having a wandering eye. He’s currently working on his second book. The first one sold extremely well. However, he noticed that Sonya is multitalented and should run with it. She’s been helping him out whenever he has writer’s block. She thought about it and made the call the next day. She has an appointment via zoom. They told her what to expect and it’ll probably take about three hours. That’s something she cannot handle. With Jonathan next to her.. She will.

The meeting went great and she was booked two gigs. That was quick! Jonathan sat in the meeting as her manager. He definitely played the role really well. He did most of the questioning and answering. She just spoke whenever she needed to. Now she wanted to tell everyone… Why? Why? Why? Did she first call Serena? Since they’ve been in separate places. It appears that Sonya’s happiness bothers Serena. Here’s the thing…. When they’ve met they were both in bad places. As time went on, things began to change. Or, Sonya began to wake up. When Sonya went through a break up. Serena always wanted her to hang out with her and her boyfriend. She was not trying to hang out with any couples. Whenever, they hung out Serena would act like Sonya was invisible. Or, if Sonya was getting attention. Serena and her boyfriend would do something to ruin the moment. There was a gathering celebrating Sonya’s art being displayed at a museum. Serena and her boyfriend fake a wedding proposal to get attention. Everyone knew it was fake. Sonya knew it as well. Sonya’s ex hated Serena and the ground she walked on. A few friends felt the same way. It was becoming a low key competition. If Sonya shared a story. Serena had the same story just more dramatic. If Sonya wore anything couture, Serena had a problem. Since, they’ve been in separate places now. Every week she’s asking Sonya, if her and Jonathan are still together.

She shoots her a text and shares the exciting news. The response was the most blandest thing ever! Then she asked if her and her boyfriend are still together. “Question of the week.” She said yes and their launching a business together amongst other things. No response… Not until she posts the pictures on social media. Which was days later. No congratulations or good luck. But your asking about the photos. She told Jonathan about it. His response was “STOP TALKING TO HER!!” He reminds her often that she’s not a friend. She’s a total fraud and she’s garbage. Everyone else has congratulated her or reacted on social media. Nothing from Serena…. Even Clara, yes we’ve found Clara! Feels like Serena is a terrible human being. At the same time, Sonya knows Serena’s jealous side. However, you don’t do that to someone that you call a friend. Serena claims she’s happy in her relationship. But those drunk conversations said different. All the people that Sonya met through Serena. No longer are involved with Serena. They were even wondering why Sonya is still speaking with her. Maybe Sonya has a petty streak and wants to get her back. Who knows??

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