Shows that may have stayed on a bit too long.


I’m addicted to reruns and just television period. I’ve become a diehard fan of some that I have come to realize…. Stayed on for one or more seasons to many. Now, I’m no way bashing the shows. I’m still a fan of them. It’s just when you look back at some. You just stare blankly thinking. Wtf is going on here. It’s just like this should have ended while it was good.

Family Matters 1989-98

As much as, lived for TGIF. Especially Family Matters.. I looked forward to Mother Winslow (Rosetta Lenoire) I thought Judy Winslow (Jaimee Foxworth) was more relatable. She had the best Halloween costumes, she was cool and sassy and she had average grades. Her character should’ve been developed better. Then after Mother Winslow’s wedding. She was gone. Already, a strike. I would say after while. The show began to lose its steam. It became the “Who’s Urkel going to be this week?” While the show still has those touching moments. It was done after maybe the seventh season. Aunt Rachel was barely there. They swapped Harriet’s during the ninth and final season. Once, a mom character leaves a show. You gotta wrap it up.

Happy Days 1974-84

This was one of the coolest shows on television. Every character was extremely likable. Who didn’t want to be or date Fonzie? The show had a great ten year run. We’ve seen the kids grow up and get married. Fonzie jump over a shark. The Cunningham’s became grandparents. However, in between all of that. There was a season of, yikes. Richie and Ralph were gone. Joanie and Chachi were spun off. We barely saw Potsie. The Cunningham’s niece KC moved in. Cool thing was Arnold came back. Fonzie was in a relationship. We saw a lot of the friends. That was season ten. By the eleventh year Joanie and Chachi moved back to Milwaukee. Potsie was still off and on. Richie and Ralph came back. Joanie and Chachi break up. Eventually, they get married. Chuck is still gone. The show achieved strong ratings during its run. However, maybe after season nine it should’ve wrapped.

Laverne & Shirley 1976-83

Another amazing sitcom!!! This one was really easy. You can’t have Laverne without Shirley and vice versa. After season seven Cindy Williams left the series to focus on family. Penny Marshall was ready to wrap it up. The producers wanted to keep going. Lenny was gone he had no Squiggy. Done!

Dallas 1978-91

I would watch this every Friday with my mom. I was obsessed with JR (Larry Hagman). It’s become a point when this show got a bit weird. No, I’m not talking about when they switched Miss Ellie’s on us. However, after she left for good. It was over. That fourteenth season was a bit bananas. We saw majority of the cast were still there. Victoria Principal was long gone from Bobby. Tons of major soap stars were guest appearing. Barbara Eden guest starred, that was fun. However, the ratings were already slipping. I will say the final episode was a great way to tie all those loose ends up. Who knew that Patrick Duffy would play Sasha Mitchell’s nephew a year later on Step by Step?

Step by Step (1991-98)

This show was another TGIF series. It was not the 90s version of The Brady Bunch. Which was great. Due to the Brady’s still airing reunion episodes and TV movies. We don’t need a copycat. This show started off great. Season five got a bit shaky for me. The coolest character Cody was gone. They welcome a new addition to the brood. Then gets hit with SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome) Suddenly, the baby is now like six years old. The other cool kid Brendan disappears after Lily is born. By the end of it all. The show moved from ABC to CBS. Along with Family Matters. You see how that turned out….

The Jefferson’s (1975-85)

I hate that I’m writing about this one. This is a freaking classic. But when I watch those reruns. I’m like oof!! This show started off amazing. George and Weezy left Queens. To the deluxe apartment in the sky. The show tackled so many issues. Lionel was a focus. Jenny was a focus. We saw Tom and Helen’s children. Remember Jenny’s brother that can diss? Of course, there was Mother Jefferson. Who was absolutely everything!! Around the sixth season Lionel and Jenny are expecting. They have a baby named Jessica. Suddenly, they’re having marital problems. At this point this show has been in several time slots. That’s not good. The show was still good. Around mid season nine. The what’s going on here comes to mind. It started becoming a bit silly. A lot of physical comedy was happening. The storylines were rehashing. Times were changing. George and Tom weren’t back and forth. Mr. Bentley wasn’t getting the door slammed in his face. He moved and came back. Florence was working at a hotel for a second. Good thing is they didn’t rush Jessica’s age. By the final season Lionel and Jenny are getting a divorce. Now we have a storyline again. The show was regaining it steam again. At this point the ratings were still decent. However, after the eleventh season. No one expected the cancellation of the show. Not even the cast. I will say that THIS SHOW NEVER RECEIVED THE PROPER SEND OFF IT DESERVED.

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