Sonya, Jonathan, Lane and Bismarck….

It’s baby shower time! Lane and Bismarck couldn’t be more excited. They’ve pretty much were fine after the fourth month. He just said yes to any and everything she asked for. He would go to Jonathan’s apartment moping and his response to Bismarck was… “You did it!” Which was starting to annoy him. However, he wasn’t wrong at all. He made his bed and now he must lay in it.

Lane was great by month four. The morning sickness and mood swings were gone. She did have these strange cravings that made everyone scratch their heads. Bismarck would secretly go behind her and sample whatever she would make. Even Sonya became a fan of the fried shrimp and sour cream sandwiches. Which made Jonathan give her the side-eye every time. He’s more worried about her modeling career not her being pregnant. He’s been managing her and it’s been working out tremendously. Even when he’s being overprotective….. That’s where Mark and David reassures him that everything is fine.

Mark and David have been amazing! They’ve found an apartment down the block from Jonathan. Which has been a blessing and a curse. They help out with Sonya and Jonathan’s careers. At the same time, they tend to forget when it’s now play time. Jonathan has no problems telling them when to chill out. Sonya feels that these are gentlemen that takes their newfound jobs seriously. However, they’re successful at getting things done. Which makes Jonathan not be tough on them. Also, him and Bismarck can have guys night. Mark, David, Lane and Sonya can be a lot for them at times. That’s when they go to whoever’s apartment is empty.

They’ve also been able to see more of Clara. She’s been acting like Lane’s nurse. Which everyone is getting a total kick out of. She always has a funny story. Her and Sonya have been hanging out and having girl chat whenever Jonathan is at work. If he’s home Sonya loses her phone and her mind. They have moments where if you hear music blasting. You will not see them for a few days. When the finally come out for air, it’s hilarious. That happens when Brenda and Opal drops in reminding them about brunch. Bismarck, says he’s going to be where I am soon.

Everyone is coming together this weekend for the baby shower. Stay tuned for the shenanigans!!

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