Sonya meets Gary…. Finally

Sonya decides to step out on a Friday afternoon. She’s been eyeing this gentleman, that resembles her ex. They’ve been making eye contact for a while. For months now… Leave it to Sonya to initiate a conversation. Normally she’s sitting in a corner, rolling her eyes. She’s keeping her word, she’s going to be more social. Chyle… She’s definitely trying. She’s totally feeling this dude.

Sonya is fully covered, mask and all. She scoops up her usual Paloma. Says hello to everyone as she finds a seat. This outdoor seating is crazy. However, she always manages to sit across from Gary. She gets his name from the bartender. Then sends him a drink. “Okay, Sonya!!!!” He walks over and sits across from her and says…. “Finally, we’re here almost everyday and haven’t said one word to one another.” Sonya smiling from ear to ear. Ewwww.. He introduces himself and he raised his glass. Sonya is now mesmerized.. She makes me sick. Lol!

They’ve chatted for about two hours. She wants to kiss him. She’s been thinking about it since she saw him. He excuses himself and uses the restroom. When he returns he says… “Did you miss me? I wish you would’ve came with me.” She looks at him like he’s bananas. “I’m totally joking. What are you doing for the rest of the evening. I’m hungry and if you are, let’s eat!” Sonya’s been feeling him since she laid eyes on him. You know she’s going. They proceed to head out. Well…. to the street. They’re already outside.

He stops at this seafood restaurant. It is Friday, it’s expected. He says.. “Is this okay?” She stares at the seating arrangements. “Sure.” She replied. He gives the host a friendly dap. They chat for a few minutes. He introduces Sonya to the host. Gary, excuses himself to the restroom. He returns.. “Sorry, I’ve broken the seal.” She’s totally fine with it. As long as, it wasn’t a booger sugar situation. She had a tendency of meeting those guys. He’s totally giving ex boyfriend vibes and she’s into it. He’s been a perfect gentleman. He recommends the sea bass. It’s his spot that he’s been going to since phase two. They continue chatting about everything under the sun. He’s into her, she’s into him. He gets serious for a bit. Looks at her… “We’re on a date, correct?” She laughs and says.. “I figured that when you wanted to get food.” He leans in and kisses her. The people at the other table started clapping. Sonya, laughing hysterically “Thanks, i guess!!”

They leave the restaurant. Clearly, the night is going amazing. They walk over by the water. They’ve learned so much about one another. He sings.. “Gary and Sonya, sitting in a tree….” She kisses him. Now, it’s the intense make out session. She felt his member get stiff. She’s not the type of person. That’ll sleep around on the first date. However, she loved what she felt. She wasn’t going to have drunk sex with him. They definitely have chemistry when they kiss. She’s thinking.. “A great kisser, handsome, has his shit together and a big one.” He’s not going anywhere. Gary and Sonya didn’t bang, though.

The evening comes to an end. They’ve been kissing for over an hour. They’ve spent six hours together and they just met. The good thing is that they have free time on their hands. He wants to see her again… They make arrangements to meet up. He kisses her and waited for her car to arrive. His kisses are amazing. Who knew that just saying hi, would lead to this? She’s going to give him some on the third date. She’s a lady with standards.

She gets her car.. He sings a Dean Martin tune. She sticks her head out and he kisses her. Now, they’re on the phone her entire ride. He tells her.. “This is the greatest time, I’ve had in a long time.” She replied with agreement. They have a lot of things in common. So, that’s good. They both are single. We’ll have to wait and see what happens….

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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