Stop bowing down to that!

I’ve witnessed them literally worship this person. As if, they were some kind of royalty. Now if this a parent I can totally understand it. You honor your mother and father. It’s part of the commandments. However, if it’s not. Why the hell is everyone catering to this person? Also… There’s levels to that shit!

Is it because the person looks out for you? Because in return.. I’ve witnessed this person treat you like dirt at the same time. Literally, gaslit you and made you look like a total fool. Even throw it in your face that they provide for you. Whenever, you defend yourself. You snapped and everyone said you were crazy. I’ve been trying to tell you for years. This person has shitted on you in so many ways. They would tell family members, neighbors and just random people your entire personal business. Then would twist it around. Everyone would believe it. Now your some kind of problem. You stay to yourself and you get grief about it. Make it make sense to me. People would compliment you. They would turn around and go, “Don’t say that to him! He’s already big headed.” Or, “He thinks he’s all that! He’s stuck up!” I don’t think you are. I’ve never heard your family compliment you without a snide or shady remark. It’s every time dude!! They’re the reason why many dislike you. It’s like you’re a sucker for punishment!! One minute your grandmother is adoring you. The next your name is mud. You’re not a good person, a drug addicted person, you have an attitude problem. Why? Is it because you disagreed with something she said? She literally destroyed you behind your back. Now you walk up and everyone is now giving you major side eye. I know you’re innocent. I can defend you to a certain extent. Dude!! Your fam is horrible and wack for that.

You need to seriously get the hell away from them. They are all brainwashed!! They never take accountability for anything wrong. They would get into confrontations with others. The other people would be the bad ones. Even when your family started the conflict. You don’t act like them. You don’t think like them. I’m so glad you don’t. You are a total different person. They even made it clear that “you’re different.” A lot of people do see why you don’t bother with them. It just sucks that, they never will. They’re all controlled by a narcissistic personality. These people are old and acting like children when it comes to this person. Like they need validation from the individual. They report to this person. They make it clear that everyone should bow down to this person. Really? This is a nobody. I’m so glad you woke up and got away. This person is abusing everyone around them. They all pretend like it’s okay. Stay away from them!!!

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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