Sonya, Jonathan, Lane and Bismarck….

It’s baby shower time! Lane and Bismarck couldn’t be more excited. They’ve pretty much were fine after the fourth month. He just said yes to any and everything she asked for. He would go to Jonathan’s apartment moping and his response to Bismarck was… “You did it!” Which was starting to annoy him. However, he wasn’t wrong at all. He made his bed and now he must lay in it.

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Hair Dreams and Goals

What’s going on Nachos?

Yes… I know it’s been a long minute. I can totally explain!! I’ve been working on my vocals, acting in an upcoming series and taking acting classes. This past weekend we’ve shot a music video. For the upcoming single “Welcome to my hood”  by ToniSteelz. For the upcoming series “Vish Merrick”. We’ve recently performed at The Desmond’s Tavern. It was a great turnout. We had a private performance at Starks Enterprises. We are the openers for their talent showcase. I’m going to do better… I promise. 🤗 I do want to give my feedback on TLC’s new album. 🔥 Stay tuned for that. ✌🏽❤️ 

What I want to share with you all is my obsession with hair these days. Yes!! I love hair!!! Growing up I’ve had many different hairstyles. I’ve done the fade, gumby, flat top, box braids, cornrows… Chyle, you name it. Then in 2007, I was reaching some type of phase… I wanted to change my look. I chopped off my hair and swore never to grow it back. 

This was about 12 years ago… 
Then I did this for awhile… Excuse what I’m lighting.

Then for awhile I was like the hell with this….

Years go by and in the back of my mind.. I did think about it. But I remembered the hell that I went through to maintain it. 
Flash to 2015… I’m now working in an extension bar name RPZL. “Rapunzel” I work with another gentleman. He’s growing his hair… I’m thinking 💭 about. ” I can’t be a baldy at a blowout and extension bar.” The journey began… It was absolute hell. My hair started growing in patches… 😩 Luckily, we began to carry product by Rene Futerer. It was a blessing.. I began doing the treatments. My hair has grown thicker and healthy. 

Now… I want to toy around with my hair. Adding extensions, safely coloring it… Thinking hair chalk. Here are some that I’ve been looking at….

⬆️ This one I like most. ⬆️

Thankfully, I work in a salon. Thankfully, I’m a performer. So, I’m about to have some fun with my hair. These are fun and inspiring….. 

⬆️ Here I Go ⬆️ 😂😂😂😂😂 
Any tips… Ideas… Shoot me a comment. 
That’s it for now… Peace ✌🏽 Love ❤️ and Say your prayers 🙏🏽 
Remember, you are awesome!!!