The Chazz Series – Episode 12 Season Finale Pt. 1

All great things come to an end. Or, just goes on a hiatus for a few months. As much I will say this was exhausting. It was also therapeutic for me. I also had a chance to be a bit petty. I had to… I would never slap anyone in the face. Well, not so many times as the John character. He definitely deserved it from everyone that whacked him. This was based on a few true scenarios that have happened a few times. A bunch of friends would be out and someone has to say something shady. Or, would throw the rock and hide their hand. Which would always end up with him getting read for filth.

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Party Like It’s 2068!

On this episode of The Chazz Show. They fast forward to the future and reminisce on the past. You will get to see how much the guys somewhat matured. They aren’t slapping anyone this time. They are too busy dealing with grandchildren and old age.

I think this has to be my favorite one thus far. I hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.


Episode 2- The Chazz Show- The Conclusion.

On this episode, we pick up where we left off. It’s Chazz’s release party and his college rival has said somethings that upset Chazz. However, he wants to use him to sell his merchandise. With the help of Chazz’s squad things turn around. His friend John realizes that he shouldn’t mess with Chazz.

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The Birthday Shenanigans.

My birthday was on Wednesday the 23rd. I’m celebrating until March 5th. Due to everyone having crazy schedules. The big celebration is on March 5th. When my friend Jen and I celebrate  being Pisces and sharing an age. I’m enjoying the way this is set up. I’m actually getting work done. Even after doing numerous shots at the pub last night. I’ve managed to edit and record a few things.

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Say Hello To The Cast Of The Chazz Show.

Ladies & Gentlemen, will you please allow me introduce to you a few of the supporting cast members of my new animated YouTube series. The characters are totally based on my friends and acquaintances. Along with the premise of the series. Which the episodes are based on my daily shenanigans.

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Discussing RuPaul’s Drag Race Episode Six.

There’s some truly amazing talent and shade throwing on this season. Some drama had popped off and I had to talk about it.

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