After many years, I can finally watch this movie

Well, I’m going to give it another shot. When I was about five. My mom would pick a movie on television. We would watch it and after she would tell me all this juicy stuff. I now see where I get it from. This time she explained the film before it started. It was a remake of a movie I couldn’t stop watching. This remake had two of my favorite singers at the time. When I saw them on the screen. Let’s just say that I’ve lost it….

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Better late than never “Couch Potato-ing”

What hole was I living under? Or, was I caught up in the reality tv world? Who knows? I’m stumbling upon so many awesome sitcoms and dramas. Many are about five seasons in. A few are even more. Some are over and done with. However, that’s a lot of catching up to do. This is definitely the perfect time to do so. I’ll get to babbling out these shows soon. I need to do a video soon.

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Hey everyone!! Watch me act a bit!!

I had the most awesome time filming and bonding with the cast and crew. This is something that I really enjoy. Other than writing and eating. 😂

If you can spare five minutes. Check out this cool Horror Short Story. I play a Demon…. Who knew?

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