The Season Finale Part 2?

As the season finale of The Chazz Show drops today. The ending leaves with Chazz’s frenemy being killed in a tragedy. It’s starts with Chazz and James watching an old film. It’s a video of a party that led into a disaster and they made a movie out of it. This is typical of these two.

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An Animated Short

I’ve always wanted to do these. I’ve discovered an app on Instagram. As I was watching a few stories. These strange advertisements always pop up. It can anything from boosting music streams. Which I hear can get your music removed. To all kinds of photo filters. This one caught my eye. An hour later I’ve created myself and James characters. Everyone else will be featured soon. I may do a series of shorts. Who knows?

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Sorry.. Available for Pre-Order

I have a new single dropping on March 4, 2022 titled “Sorry”.

This is definitely a club banger. According to the few individuals that I’ve played it for. If you want to vibe on a good Dance/EDM track. I think I have you all covered.

Here’s a promo video for the upcoming single.


You Gotta Give And Take Chances…

Isn’t that what we all do anyway? We give and take a chance on hiring an employee. Getting to know someone. Folks give me chances all the time. Although, I’m not perfect and will make a mistake along the way. Those individuals can and will say that I come through at the end of the day. “Brush shoulders and rolls eyes with laughter.”

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The Promo… I couldn’t wait!!

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls… I’m excited to announce my new release dropping on January 7, 2022. It’s simply tilted right here. It’s a dance track consisting of Disco, House and Jazz.

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The First Promo Video

I have to give DistroKid their props! The videos and promotions that they offer is amazing! You just have to set your music to the correct part. It’s great how it comes out. Thankfully, they’ve added a few new choices to choose from!

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