Jaguar Wright has a pot of tea.

As a teenager in the nineties. After school many of us would go home or to an internship. If not then… it would be during a summer/winter break. We would hear a bunch of scandalous things. Regarding our favorite rappers, singers and others. The person who had all that information was Wendy Williams. She gave us all kinds of tea. It would be some juicy stuff. You believed it too!! Even the people she would mention. Would end up calling the station and cursing her out. Who would think that these rumors would resurface? Thanks to a singer named Jaguar Wright.

Jaguar Wright
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Now this is a Verzuz!!

Twenty two years since they went back and forth on “The Boy Is Mine”. I can’t believe it was that long ago. I can tell you… Experiencing that moment was one of the best moments in R&B.

Years ago…
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The heard our Cry… Xscape is back!!

Nachos!!! It’s finally happened!!!

Xscape is back together!!! 
As a teenager in the 90s. I had Super Mario Brothers, Baseball and Good Music. Personally, it was the best era ever. As far as, music is concerned. We had some of the best artists!! Most of them were groups. Back then you had to actually have talent to even get a record deal. These four ladies definitely had talent. In 1993 we had En Vogue, TLC and SWV to name a few. They were super duper dope!! Amazing videos, concerts, posters you name it!! Then suddenly this group of young ladies name Xscape comes out. I remember seeing “Just Kickin’ It” on Video Soul. Immediately I thought Kandi was the bomb!! I remember purchasing the Maxi-Single from The Wiz. You can clearly tell this was definitely the 90s. With what I previously mentioned. 😂😂  They had a string of hits. They were everywhere!! Eventually, I had posters of them on my wall. 
This album I literally had to buy over and over again. Due to having a cassette player. 😲 😂 Chyle… Then suddenly all of them were my favorite. My cousin Cassandra use to say that Latocha was her cousin. Lol!! Because the favor a bit… Anyway, back then magazines kept us informed. As well as, the disc jockeys. It was like… “When is the new album dropping?
Okay… When this album came out. I understood everything they were singing about. And related to it. When “Feels So Good” came out.. That song was so damn lit!!! That single was another buy multiple times.  I had purchased a new stereo with 5 disc changer plus cassette decks. You couldn’t tell me nothing!! 😂😂 I had that album on repeat. I liked that the videos had a sequence. Chyle… We were all mad at Zeebo. 😡 Their swag was dope!! I was feeling Kandi’s hair on that one. Years ago by and then….
This had to be my favorite album!! Actually, it is!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽  “The Arms Of The One Who Loves You” will always be a favorite. Along, with “All I Need”, “One Of Those Love Songs” etc… I remember hearing, “Softest Place On Earth” on the radio. Then after the song played. Dude announced that they’ve broken up. Wtf?
I’m thinking… “This is the album that will shut everyone down” 😢 Already, we’ve gotten wind of SWV breaking up months before. En Vogue was now a trio. I’m like it’s all over…. Please, TLC don’t break up. It’s now 2017… I’ve seen an episode of Unsung. It featured Xscape.. Finally, we got to see and hear. What went down. However, it didn’t seem like they would ever reunite. I’m going to be honest as a fan. I do remember when the came out with a song and new number. I was like, “Nope!!!”  I got to see Kandi and Tiny on reality television. The Scott sisters were in plays. But they weren’t together. Months past and Kandi is live on Facebook. It’s Xscape!! Saying that they are reunited!! Look at God!! 🙏🏽 They sound great rehearsing for their upcoming show. Hopefully, they’ll get the props that they deserve!! It’s long overdue!!! Welcome back ladies!!! I’ve missed y’all!!!
Until then… Be kind, Remain Awesome, Live for you and Love yourself!!! 

The return of the 90s R&B Groups. For some not necessarily.

It’s April 2017.. A long way from the record store days. When most of us snuck out to our favorite record store at midnight. Just to get an album before your friends did. Or, camped outside for two days just to meet your favorite artists. At an in-store appearance. Now albums drop basically any day of the week. Most of the artists you can’t understand. What it is they’re saying. Folks now camp outside for sneakers. Today’s favorite artists will shade a fan. Or, try to get your number. Groupies are more vile than ever. Let’s go back a bit.

Growing up in the 90s.. I’m not speaking to those born in say 92-98. Y’all should just take notes. 
We had a heavy R&B group craze back then. En Vogue, TLC, Xscape, SWV, Jodeci, After 7, Jagged Edge, Jade, Boyz II Men, and Total. Just to name a few. We were some loyal fans back then. Some of us have remained loyal. Hoping that some of these groups reunite and save us from the music of today. Surprisingly… Some of them never left.  For some the line up may have changed. However, their still putting out music and touring. Sometimes in your own city. For instance, En Vogue. Dawn and Maxine are no longer in the group. They’ve added Rhona Bennett. Cindy and Terry are still in the group touring all over the world. The EV3 lineup not to confuse with the 1997 album. Actually dropped a new song and an album is expected sometime this year. SWV, reunited in 2007 is currently touring. Dropped two albums and was nominated for a Grammy. TLC.. Many say that this group had broken up. No they lost a member. Due to an untimely death and has continued to tour and make appearances. This month they dropped a new single “Way Back” featuring Snoop Dogg and have an album coming in June. Yaaaassszzzzz!!!! After 7 went their separate ways in 1997. Reunited in 2006 and is now a quartet. Melvin’s son has joined the group. After Melvin had a stroke. Melvin has since rejoined the group and they released an album titled Timeless in 2016. Jagged Edge has never disbanded and is working on their ninth album and still touring. Jodeci, came back together and released a critically acclaimed album in 2015. Titled The Past, Present and Future. We did get our lives when Kima, Keisha and Pam came back to together for the Bad Boy Reunion Tour. We’re hoping for an album!! Meanwhile Kima and Pam are currently touring. Keisha does make appearances. Lets hope for a Total album. Boyz II Men became a trio after 2003. When Mike left the group.. He was on Iyanla recently… get that tea. They’re still touring and putting out music. Jade disbanded in 1997 . Since then Joi became a solo artist and author, Di began touring with Rod Stewart and other artists. Tonya became a interior designer and has done many of your favorite celebrity homes. In 2013 Joi and Tonya recruited Myracle Holloway and released a single titled “Baby Luv”. Here comes the “Look At God!!!” moment. Xscape has announced their reuniting. This is absolutely everything!!! When folks mention 90s music. An Xscape song will definitely be mentioned. After years of not speaking… etc… You can see it on Unsung. They recently were at a radio station doing an interview telling us what to expect. This is music to everyone’s ears. I would give anything to see TLC, SWV, En Vogue and Xscape in concert. It would be a long show but definitely worth it. Here’s what some of your favorite groups look like today.