It’s Friday…..

Although, lately it feels like everyday is a Sunday. It could be the way I’m set up these days. I’ll work a few days a week. After that I’m in the house on my two computers and phone. Losing all track of time. I’m definitely not complaining. It can get a bit overwhelming when you want to work on all of your ideas at once. I’ve always thought I was Superman. Today, it’s more like Kermit the frog.

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Something New!

Ladies & Gentlemen, I’m excited to announce the new release of my newest single titled “Sorry”. It’s a dance tune that will have you jumping. Shout out to James & Alex for co-producing this with me.

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The Creative Process

Today’s podcast episode, I’m briefly discussing the creative process of my upcoming projects and what I’m doing for Lent this year. Also, I recommending two restaurants if you are ever in NYC.

Say Hello To The Cast Of The Chazz Show.

Ladies & Gentlemen, will you please allow me introduce to you a few of the supporting cast members of my new animated YouTube series. The characters are totally based on my friends and acquaintances. Along with the premise of the series. Which the episodes are based on my daily shenanigans.

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Episode 8 – Joan Crawford Films You Must See!

Of course, I’m discussing Joan Crawford! This time I’m discussing a few films that really showcased her talent. I’ve really enjoyed the 1950’s melodramas. She was amazing! I’m just reminding folks. I’m also discussing my transition to AirPods and my upcoming projects. Enjoy!

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It’s Going To Be A Thing!!! The Chazz Show!

So after a brief discussion with the individuals James and Lixander. I’m going to go ahead and continue with this series. I have their help with producing and directing. I’m so excited about this. It’s going to be a YouTube series about the daily shenanigans that myself and a few friends deal with on the daily. I’m doing the voice-overs. It’s hilarious because they don’t sound like this. However, the words are actually them. Let me tell you all about the characters.

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