Ten of the greatest TV characters ever!!!

We all have a character on television. That we would identify with. Or, play pretend with the homies. Here are some of the greatest characters on television. They all have made you laugh, cry or just yell at the television.

Valerie Harper as Rhoda Morgenstern

Rhoda Morgenstern – Rhoda Faye Morgenstern born 1941 was born in the Bronx. She moves to Minneapolis where she meets Mary Richards. Who moved into the bigger apartment. Rhoda actually wanted the apartment. The two ladies clash, but in spite of all their differences. They became best friends. Rhoda moves back to NYC, she meets Joe. Who was really good looking. The get married and moves into the same building as her sister. Rhoda has a window dressing company. Joe was a building contractor. We watch the marriage dissolve after a few years. She takes a job at a costume company. As she began dating again.

John Amos as James Evans

James Evans Sr. was the no nonsense dad. We all feared! As a kid watching. You would be petrified. As an adult, he’s my hero!! He first was introduced as Henry Evans. Husband of Florida Evans on Maude. He played an NYC firefighter. While Florida was a housekeeper for the Finlay’s. Florida’s character gets spun off to Good Times. Henry’s name is now James. A man working multiple jobs. To keep his family fed. He’s unemployed a lot. However, his pride will not allow him to accept charity. He was the glue that held that family together.

Jean Stapleton as Edith Bunker

Edith BainesBunker was Archie’s sweet but dingbatted wife. Which he often called her. Or, telling her to stifle herself. A few moments Edith did put her foot down and told Archie off. Those moments were epic!! She maybe a bit ditzy. However, she had an amazing wisdom about her. The love her and Archie had for one another was amazing. She was a great mother, grandmother, wife and friend.

Lucille Ball as Lucy Carter

Lucille Carter a widow with two children Kim and Craig. She worked at Carter’s Unique Employment Agency. Which was ran by her brother in-law Harry. It was completely different from the Lucy and Ricky era. On this one we get to see the mom side raising teenagers. The cool thing is that her real life children were on the show with her.

Danielle Spencer as Dee Thomas

Dee Thomas the little sister of Raj on What’s Happening. She was a smart kid with a smart mouth. The things that would came out of her mouth was crazy. She was well beyond her years. She would blackmail her brother and his friends. As the show progressed. She grew into a sarcastic young lady.

John Ritter as Jack Tripper

Jack Tripper is the roommate of Janet. Chrissy, Cindy and Terry also. He was a navy dude. That was discovered by Janet and Chrissy in the shower. He needed a place to stay. They needed a roommate. However, he had to lie and say that he was gay to stay in the apartment. It’s hilarious how they try to hide it. Jack was clumsy and was always up to something. He’s a serous playboy but is super protective of the ladies. He eventually opens his own restaurant. I never understood. If he was a boxer in the service. Why would he allow to be bullied?

Beatrice Arthur as Dorothy Zbornak

Omg!!! Dorothy Petrillo Zbornak also known as Pussycat. A high school substitute teacher who was often mocked as unattractive by her two roommates and her mom. Because she was so tall. She is humble but seriously sarcastic. She really goes after Blanche and Rose. She refers them as her family. She gives great advice and folks are scared of her. She had phobias of flying and hospitals. Dorothy meets Blanche’s uncle Lucas and moves to Atlanta. Everyone needs a Dorothy in their circle.

Polly Holliday as Flo

Florence Jean Castleberry from Alabama then moved to Texas. She was married and divorced. Finally, settling in Phoenix Arizona. Where she worked at Mel’s diner. Flo was a huge flirt with all the male customers. She was the good time girl. Although, she respected her boss Mel. She didn’t take any crap from him. She would usually tell him “Kiss my Grits!!!” Or “When donkeys fly!!!” She was a like a big sister to Alice and Vera. Flo was very wise.

Valene, Karen and Abby played by Joan Van Ark, Michele Lee and Donna Mills

I know, I know that I said ten. I’m counting these ladies as one. You have Karen Cooper FairgateMackenzie, Abby Fairgate Cunningham Ewing ScottSumner and Valene Clements Ewing Gibson-Waleska you watch on episode of Knots Landing you are instantly hooked to this three. Karen wants the perfect life. Where everything is all sun and rainbows. Val was the good girl that would always end up in the midst of something. She’s been kidnapped had her kids taken, husband stolen. At the end she is a survivor. Abby was always stirring up something. I will see say she was a great parent. I loved when they showed that side of her.

Marla Gibbs as Florence Johnston

Florence Johnston the Jefferson’s maid. Or, in her words “Household Technician”. was the wise cracking housekeeper that stood up to George Jefferson. Who complains about her work ethic. She wasn’t good at her job at all. Many times she was supposed to have been fired. Thanks to his wife Louise. He never fired him. Florence, was a devout Christian that never kept a relationship with a man. Back then views were different. Florence was incredible

Who are some of your favorites?

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