After that crazy evening. She was pretty much done. She’s definitely going to take a long sabbatical and just focus on work. Bull crap!!! She’s going to be chasing some guy around. This chick is so feeling this dude. No one is looking for anything. They’re just enjoying one another. They’ve hung out a few times and they are both still single. The last person she hung out with. We all know how that went… Loss Denim’s.

She’s never going to let that go. This dude kept her belongings. She’s not going to just show up at someone’s house. She’s called and texted and nothing. She needs to take this as a lesson learned. Eventually, they will run into one another. They frequent the same bar. She found out they know the same people. Oh boy!! She clearly wants absolutely nothing to do with him, whatsoever. She has no problem ignoring anyone. Also, she has a group of friends that will not let anything happen to her. However, you should at least return someone’s property. Since then it’s been replaced with more expensive stuff, anyway.

It’s Sara’s birthday party. It’s actually a dinner. However, whenever they link up with Samantha. It’s going to be a party. The three S’s are a total vibe. They’ve been on a weekend getaway and survived. They can talk to one another about anything. It’s a beautiful sisterhood they have going. Also, they haven’t seen Lisette since last year. Just on zoom during the pandemic. So, that was a great thing to look forward to. Sara usually brings people together. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s definitely a stress reliever from the other night.

They wait for everyone else to arrive. It’s about twelve individuals. Sara made it clear that everyone “Dresses to impress!” Everyone followed the rules. Sara and Sonya will find a way to coordinate. They don’t tell one another. It randomly happens. Great minds think alike! She hasn’t even told them about anything that’s been happening. She drunkenly reminded them about a tea time text. Their reaction is going to be priceless.

She had an amazing night. Made some new friends and connected with some amazing individuals. Everyone was full and drunk. It was time to go back to her side of town. Her and Lisette rode the subway then jumped in Ubers. She hasn’t looked at her phone for hours. With the exception of taking photos. She saw the missed calls from Jonathan. She immediately calls him in the car. “I just wanted to see if you were good.” He said. “Then I saw your stories. Are you wasted?” She totally was trashed. She gave him the laughing “No”. They discussed their evening her ride home. She also noticed that Serena reimbursed her for the bill. She knew that she would. It’s just the principle of the matter. Sonya still needs to be leery about this one. One thing for sure… She’ll never get an apology from Serena. Separate bills moving forward… She told Jonathan about that night. He made it clear.. “IF WE COUPLE. WE CAN’T DO THEM. NOT EVEN FOR A SHOT! Oh damn!! What is it? They never even exchanged words. He thinks Serena is cool. I think it was only to talk to Sonya. He knew something happened when she returned that night. She wasn’t trying to be a Debbie Downer. They make plans to see one another during the week. He doesn’t know Alex, by the way. Also, if anything happens with those two. It’ll just be a smash session. She’s totally feeling Jonathan.

How long is she going to keep this from Serena? Since Clara knows…. She can definitely wait. Also, it’s just a guy and girl hanging out. With the heavy make out sessions. She’ll probably catch it on social media. Sonya loves to post Instagram stories. By the way… Where’s Clara?

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