That didn’t go well.

As Sonya prepares for the day. She receives a text from Serena. Who knows what is going on? She picks up her phone and puts it back down. She has this disturbing look on her face. You would have thought that someone had walked by with a foul odor. “Girl! What’s up? You went from giggles to just straight tight. Mark is worried.” Mark talks in the third person. She throws her phone to him. “Oh hell no!!!” Where’s Clara?

Jonathan has finally agreed to tolerate a hangout with Serena and her boyfriend. It was like trying to get a toddler to eat peas. If he could’ve jumped up in a tantrum. He definitely would’ve. However, he loves Sonya that he’ll stomach a few bad hours. It’s a first time for everything. “I can only do this once!” He repeated all the way there. Sonya isn’t too worried about the night going good or bad. Which was very strange. He would rip her and the boyfriend a new one. According to the masses, that might be necessary. He explains that he gets a totally fake vibe from them. He can see that just by looking at them. He even thinks that their relationship is fake. Or, it’s something weird behind the scenes.

They get to the restaurant. She gets a text from Serena. She’s running late, of course. This has been happening a lot lately. Sonya has already blasted her about this. It’s like they have to make this grand entrance. It needs to stop because the reception they receive is meh. Everyone has to wait for them. They don’t find it classless, whatsoever. He immediately orders two Manhattans for the both of them. They find an area outside to sit. It was a hot afternoon. Unseasonably warm being that it was a snowing days before. Serena and her boyfriend are walking over. He talks about their energy as they approach. It made Sonya laugh awkwardly and hysterically. Jonathan yells…. “I want my mommy!”

They finally get to the table. Sonya and Serena fake hug. Then she introduces Jonathan to the two of them. It starts to go pretty well. Serena is gushing about how great her boyfriend is. He has this smug face as she’s going on. Then he begins to talk about Serena. Suddenly, the conversation goes left. She mentions Sonya’s ex boyfriend and their relationship. Even her boyfriend looked at her like she was stupid. She’s telling pretty much comparing the two of them. She’s known Jonathan for about twelve minutes. He shuts the conversation down. “I do know that he hates you.” Jonathan said. He knows absolutely everything about her previous relationship. He then asked when were they going to apologize for being late. Serena blamed the subway and it was no excuse. You’re supposed to apologize for having people wait. He eventually received an apology.

He continues to shut down any and everything that comes out of her mouth. Sonya is totally getting a kick out of this. She’s texting Clara and Lane all the tea. He then asked about their relationship with Brenda and Opal. Now he’s just being messy. He wanted to hear the other side of the story. He just wanted to change the subject or actually talk about something period. Serena plays victim and talked about how everyone treats her boyfriend. Then the boyfriend played victim and spoke his part. They ended with Brenda and Opal being negative individuals. Jonathan replied with nothing but amazing things to say about the ladies. Along with the rest of Sonya’s acquaintances. He also mentioned how much they’ve done for Serena. Which Serena totally disregarded. If no one likes her boyfriend. Then no one likes her. Okay… Bye Girl!!!

Sonya’s phone begins to rumble on the table. It’s Clara!!! She couldn’t have called at a better time. She saved Serena and her boyfriend from the wrath of Jonathan. She begins to talk about Clara. He yells for the check. “Enough is enough!!! Sonya, I’m ready to pick up Clara from the airport.” What airport? She didn’t say that out loud. Thankfully, no one saw her reaction. She knew that he was ready to go a long time ago. Clara wasn’t at the airport. She wanted to talk about Drag Race. His enough means STFU and he ran out of cigarettes. He covered the bill due to them wanting to be mathematicians. They pay for their drinks separately. What couple does that? The couples leave the bar. Sonya has never been this excited to get away from her friend. Jonathan gave the boyfriend a silent dap. They say their goodbyes and split.

As they head home. Sonya tells him not to say anything. She gets it and she apologized for the whole experience. He kisses her and gave her an apology. For even knowing a person like that. He vowed to never see them again.

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