That was awkward and maybe interesting.

She started off with her brunch with Jonathan, Lane and Bismarck. It was going to be long day for her. She knew that she had to pace herself. She had another gathering to go to after that. She wasn’t trying to be wasted before sundown. She’ll slam a few pitchers of mimosas. She wanted to make sure that she was able to function at the end. It’s the first night that she’s going to be going home without Jonathan. He had a work assignment due within hours. Which is why he shouldn’t have planned this. Oh yeah… This was a drunken plan Bismarck made sure he followed through. That’s one thing him and Sonya have in common. Thanks Bismarck!!

The brunch is going really amazing. It looks like these are going to be the couples that hang out together often. She also has Brenda and Opal. As far as, Serena and her boyfriend. We’ll just have to wait and see. Jonathan, is still hesitant about this. He’s a bit more mature than most guys. A whole lot mature. Sonya acts a little different whenever she’s with him. She’s become very relaxed and on this chill vibe. She’s also into the crystals and healing stones. She believes that they do work. He’s into them a bit too. The four of them are enjoying the Saturday afternoon air. It was a beautiful 70 degree day. In November, that feels like 80. People were dressed like it was July. They were just appropriately and were prepared for it to get chilly. Lane and Sonya make plans to go shopping. She’s going to invite Clara along. Hopefully, her elevators are working. She lives on a high level and she’s screwed when it’s out. Sonya’s phone rings… It’s Clara. Sometimes you would think she has these powers. She’ll hear her name from miles away. It’s pretty awesome… She extends the invite. This is going to be fun and she’ll get to meet Jonathan in the physical form. They finish up brunch and Sonya’s heading to the city. After she says goodbye to Jonathan, for about forty minutes.

The goodbye lasted for about an hour and a half. They weren’t going to see one another until the next day. They might as well make it official. It’s her… We’ll get into that soon. She’s walking to the subway with a bit of a limp. She caught a Charlie horse in action. It was still lingering. She puts on her shades. Her facial expression says.. “I’ve just been banged to the point of no return.” She sends a message to Opal that’s she on her way now. She’s actually going to be on time. She’s tipsy and feeling good. She arrives to the next spot. Everyone is there!! She hasn’t seen a few in weeks. This crew is super awesome. Which is why she doesn’t get the Serena issue with them. Speaking of Serena, she text Sonya informing her that she’s in the outdoor seating area. She tells everyone that she’s going to say hi to them. Eventually, they all go back in. It was the most awkward exchange you’ve ever seen. Serena was hesitant to say hi to Opal. They were friends first. They all welcomed her with open arms. She got with her boyfriend and basically dropped them. They probably don’t like him because of that. However, he just stands of to the side. While, she mingled with everyone. Then gets upset that no one really spoke with him. Come on!!!!

At one point, Serena and Opal go outside. They were gone for a while. He was talking with Brenda inside. Sonya wants to stay out of this. However, this looks interesting. Opal came back in and was very Opal about it. She’ll believe the change when she sees it. Brenda is more easy going just don’t fuck with her. Now they’re all having a conversation. Sonya is now in the bathroom puking. She did hear a lot of yelling. Well, the tone just gotten a bit louder. Who knows if anything was resolved? Serena just needs to see what’s going on. She probably doesn’t even care. Which is what Opal sees. You never will know. Time will only tell. Opal looks at Sonya. “You better not change on us now that you’re dating someone.” That won’t happen one bit. They love Jonathan and the feeling is very mutual. He’ll see more of them in time. Sonya’s a total wreck and no one knows it. She’s been to the restroom about three times. It’s definitely time to go!! Everyone was leaving anyway. They all say goodbye and as they are leaving. Clara calls… This was everything and then some. She wouldn’t have to hear about what the conversation was about. Even though, she wanted to. She walks them to the subway. At least, they got along that night.


Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.