That was strange…

It was an extremely warm Tuesday morning. The phone has been on silent. However, the light on Sonya’s case is flickering nonstop. No one usually calls her until after ten. She’s hesitant to go look at the phone. Once that happens, hours will go by unproductively. The light is continuing to go off. She leaps out of the bed and looks. It’s her ex-boyfriend that is now engaged to be married. Wtf?

“Was that you at Cafeteria? I was driving down and I thought I saw you. He’s okay. Is that your new boyfriend?” Talk about jumping straight to it. Not even a pleasant greeting. These two are supposed to be on good terms. She begins to lecture him on calling her repeatedly about nothing. She was at Cafeteria, that’s not her boyfriend. He tells her that he’s going to stop by in a few minutes. She gets herself together and sits on her porch. She feels really strange about this. She calls Jonathan to pass the time. She tells him about the phone call. Explaining why she’s sitting outside. He goes… “Oh wait!! You’re getting your jeans back?” He was totally being a jerk. The last two before denim-gate ended on good terms. One moved way too far away. The other one was too cool of a friend to date. However, they played around before his engagement. Little did she know, it was during also. That’s why she’s not letting him inside. Her house or her for that matter. The way Jonathan handles her.. She definitely doesn’t need him. He pulls up to her house and the smile on his face is priceless.

“I miss seeing you in a ponytail and no makeup!” They exchange hugs and a kiss on the cheek. She’s staring at him waiting to hear what he wants. He walks back to his car and grabs two coffee cups. She’s still wondering what he wants. She then yells, “Adam!!!” He laughs.. “I just wanted to kick it with you. If you’re seeing him, I hope he’s making you happy. You’re too good not to be.” What??? Where is this coming from? He look at her and said…. “I love you and I always will. My mom wants me to marry you, though. The fact that you’ve decided to help with the wedding is crazy to me.” She laughs and goes… “Boy!! We’re friends regardless even though you lied about her. We always told each other when we saw someone else.” She tells him about Jonathan. He seems to be happy for her. He suggests that we all do brunch or dinner. It’ll be basically… “By the show of hands.. Who at this table banged Sonya?” It won’t but it’ll be in her head.

Adam and Sonya continue chatting and hanging. They kept their hands to themselves. She’s not one to mess with an engaged man. Or, taken period. She introduces Jonathan to him via FaceTime. They seem to like one another. Jonathan is clearly not threatened by him. By the looks of things, vice versa. Sonya has never met Adam’s fiancé. According to Jonathan… That’s happening in a few days. The gentlemen made arrangements for everyone to get together.

Heaven help them all!!!

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.