The Artist Vs The Producer

One third of the dream team has been out of commission the past few days. That didn’t mean that we weren’t able to get anything done. Aside from us being on mini vacations this week. Shroomtown Productions was pretty busy this time with me at the helm.

I’ve really learned the difference between the artist and the producer. I’ve recorded and produced an entire song. Usually, I’m co-producing or just laying down backing vocals and adlibs. On this track I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and you actually hear my voice. To be totally honest, I’m scared as hell. Actually, you hear me on my latest single “Ridin’”. This track I’ve completed is a soulful house music tune. It’s fused with disco, Jazz and house. It’s really about the bass for me. The fact that I went ahead and put down this beat is insane. I’ve started working on this at home and took it over to James. While he’s quarantined for the next few days. I had to manage his studio. Which gave me the opportunity to really finish this project.

The FaceTime session began although I can still hear him a floor above. He suggested that I play around and harmonize. At first nothing would come out. I wanted this to be the first time that I’m singing without being under the influence of anything. Suddenly, I started hearing Lisa Stansfield in my head. Then it started flowing and I was relaxed. It’s light vocals but it’s huge for me. So, I go in and begin riffing and running. I was told that I have good range. I just need to maintain the same energy when I get excited. That’s when my voice gets thrown off and I’m no longer on key. As I’m laying down the vocals. I can see him on the screen and I’m trying to figure out what he’s thinking. How do I sound? Do I suck? Am I messing up? At one point he clapped and it sealed the deal. After about an hour and change. I came out and he gave me my props. We’ve listened to it and now I’m the producer.

The vocals came out great! Now it’s time to tweak and clean it up. A few pieces had to be re-recorded. I’ve added some effects and mastered the track. I now have a song that I’ve done. With help from the producer via FaceTime. It was excellent handling all the tools and equipment. He came closer to the screen and said…. “Now will you stop underestimating yourself! You are so talented! People are telling you this. You gotta start believing it!” It’s a work in progress. Just like everything else I’m doing. I’m getting there…

I’m discovering that the artist is a funky, Jazz blues kind of dude. The producer is all over the place. I’ve separated myself from both. I’ve reached out to a few friends that sing or aspire to. A few of us sang together back in the day. So, it’s cool to come in full circle. I’ve played a few tracks for them. As well as, what’s out on streaming platforms. I received their honest feedback and we’re going to start working together soon. As soon as, everyone is cleared of the variant. I’ll get to be all over the place with them. In a very good way though. I’m thankful for their trust in me. I have a few friends that I’ve asked and they left me hanging. It’s cool though.. It’s all good. I can’t worry about that. Just keep moving forward!!

I’ll be taking a few courses from James. Also, I’ll be reading and watching tutorials on how to manage artists. I produce one song and here I go!! I have this in the bag. In the meantime please enjoy my latest single Ridin’ available on all music streaming platforms. The track that I produced will be released in January. It’s called Right Here.

Author: Chazz.

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