The best day for an Introvert.

Happy Thanksgiving!! It’s a beautiful day here in New York City. The past few years that I can remember. We’ve had some pretty amazing weather. However, the world is in a crappy state.We can’t really be with our loved ones. Without thinking about, if they’re going to give your the virus. I’m definitely looking at individuals sideways. If I hear a cough or sneeze. So, I’m going to sit this day out and work on a few things. Who knows what’ll happen later?

I’m definitely not doing the family thing. As much as, I care for them. This is one holiday I’ve always disliked. From a young age, I saw a lot of nonsense. Arguing and all kinds of foolishness. Certain family members dislike other relatives. Someone will instigate someone and the fight starts. Or, you find out something that isn’t your concern. Just because it’s family, doesn’t make it your business. I’m usually the target anyway. The food isn’t so healthy. Just like the environment. Also, they’re not social distancing. Gross!!

A few friends who are stranded. Due to the pandemic. So, they are probably going to be reaching out to anyone. I’ve started learning about friends in March. When this crap started. A pandemic, a whole human rights movement and anything else that can happen. Who the hell wants to spend time with a superficial person. Especially, on a day of Thanks. I’ll be at my best friends, Friendsgiving. That’s a friend that is a family. We’re like super BFF’s!! My childhood friend extended an invite to me, as well. It’s totally safe at her place. I may jump in a car, eat and run. As well as, talk about everything and everyone.

Who knows what will happen? I’d rather binge watch a bunch of classic sitcoms. Then there’s this Nintendo Switch that I’m interested in buying. There’s work to be done. Time will tell…. The day has just begun.

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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