The Birthday Shenanigans.

My birthday was on Wednesday the 23rd. I’m celebrating until March 5th. Due to everyone having crazy schedules. The big celebration is on March 5th. When my friend Jen and I celebrate  being Pisces and sharing an age. I’m enjoying the way this is set up. I’m actually getting work done. Even after doing numerous shots at the pub last night. I’ve managed to edit and record a few things.

As I’m writing this I’m having a large cup of coffee “Black”. I haven’t had milk or cream in mine since 2020. It’s almost two years that I haven’t had a cigarette. However, my marijuana intake has definitely increased. I know which strains to hit these days. I’m the same weight that I was at 16. I’m in my early 40’s now. Sheesh!! I do feel amazing. I’m in a much happier mental state. I’m not so easy going anymore. That was due to being bullied and coming out of an abusive environment. I’ve found someone to talk to about my problems. I’ve learned that therapy is thing that has ever happened. It’s money well spent!

I’ve learned the difference between tolerance and actually giving a damn. Some family members tolerate you and others genuinely loved you. I’d realize that most the people in your life are here for a season or a lifetime. I cherish them all no matter what. I have an amazing group of friends that hold me down. I can call anytime of day. They continue to uplift and inspire. I haven’t really had anyone to push and motivate me since age 12. I pretty much had to boost myself and give myself pep talks. When you lose a mom, you lose everything. Anyone else that complimented or celebrated me. It would be a backhanded compliment. Or, it was… “So you think you’re better than everyone because of?” Now, I look at it as jealousy. I have a few relatives that can’t stand the ground I walk on. I haven’t done anything wrong. This is all based on hearsay, some of these folks have never met me. Or, took the time to get to know me. When they can’t control you. They control the way others think of you. Some are realizing the truth now. However, it’s a bit too late. I wasn’t put here to be like by…. Never mind. I’m totally fine with that. I’ve been doing pretty solid without them.

I’ve accomplished a few things that I always wanted to do. I’ve released an album. I have a podcast and now an animated series. I’m so thankful for all these blessings that have come my way. I’m not angry with anyone. I have moved on…… If only I can get this schedule in order.

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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