The Chazz Series – Episode 12 Season Finale Pt. 1

All great things come to an end. Or, just goes on a hiatus for a few months. As much I will say this was exhausting. It was also therapeutic for me. I also had a chance to be a bit petty. I had to… I would never slap anyone in the face. Well, not so many times as the John character. He definitely deserved it from everyone that whacked him. This was based on a few true scenarios that have happened a few times. A bunch of friends would be out and someone has to say something shady. Or, would throw the rock and hide their hand. Which would always end up with him getting read for filth.

Did I drag this thing out? Oh absolutely!! We would discuss the episode then begin writing. It ended up with someone slapping this dude. He was a friend of ours who stabbed us in the back. I used the story of him stealing. However, it was much worse than that. I’m sure if he watched, he has am idea that it’s him. He still watches my Facebook/Instagram stories and trolls. We haven’t spoken to him in over a year. To be honest we were bored and had something else in mind. We thought this would be better for us.

On this episode the guys the ups and downs of parenting. Alex’s son Casey is expecting his second set of twins. The dudes find a new show to watch. That James produced during a tragedy. Disaster strikes and ruins an entire city.

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