The couples Friday

It’s a gross Friday morning. It’s been raining nonstop since yesterday afternoon. Anyone would be a fool to go out there. Unfortunately, that would be Jonathan. Sonya wakes up from a deep sleep. Surprisingly, she doesn’t have a hangover. Lane and Bismarck were over for dinner. That led to a few bottles of wine. It was vodka for the men. Anyway, she gets out of bed and looks around. Lane and her boyfriend are still asleep. Where the hell is this man?

She looks at her phone. It’s a ton of messages from Serena. She wants to meet up. Whatever, where is Jonathan? She doesn’t want to suspect anything. She waited for about twenty minutes. She calls him and you hear shuffling in the background. “Hey Babe!! I went to the market to pick up some stuff for breakfast. Bismarck and I are cooking for you ladies.” Sonya is suddenly relieved and when he walked in. She jumped in his arms and kisses him. Don’t worry!! She brushed her teeth. “I wanted it to be a surprise. Bismarck, really wanted to show off his pancakes. Is he still asleep?” He puts on a pot of coffee. Lane and Bismarck drag themselves out of the room. Jonathan winks at Sonya… “This will always get these zombies up.” They all start talking about last night. Sonya won the charades game. Lane continuously beat everyone in Uno. Bismarck, brings up Sonya ignoring her phone. It was Serena and she just wasn’t up for anything. Jonathan, immediately chimes in. “It’s the friend that I just don’t know. I kind of don’t want to know.” That turns into a whole discussion. Basically, him and Sonya are an extremely laidback couple. Serena and her boyfriend are attention seekers. He doesn’t like it, at all. He’s heard stories from Sonya’s friends. Now, they understand the eye rolling and walking away. “I’ll bet you a night of drinks, that Clara despises them” He’s right.

Speaking of Clara… She sends a novel of text. Explaining how the spigot isn’t working. Sonya is trying to figure out what she’s talking about. She’s not going to rattle her brain thinking about it. She calls her to find out it’s fixed. Somehow, the thing snapped off the wine box. It’s now a group conversation. Clara, is now giving a recipe to Bismarck. Lane is complimenting the view of her apartment. Eventually, she sets up a date for everyone to meet. Bismarck is already declining. He heard the word “City”. He hates Manhattan, he thinks it’s the worst place on the planet. Jonathan, hates it too. However, he’ll do it for Sonya. He tells Clara.. “When I’m ready to let Sonya out, we’ll come by. She’s not going anywhere without me period.” It gets really quiet… “Are you coming down to Brooklyn?” He says excitingly. She tells him whenever she has to. “Good! We’ll see you next week!” He’s not going anywhere if he doesn’t have to.

The group conversation is over… The breakfast is amazing. The couples are going to hang out for the weekend. Lane grabs the bubbly and orange juice. Bismarck pulls out Jonathan’s bong. The party continues. Sonya and Jonathan slip away for about an hour. The same for Lane and Bismarck. Suddenly, you hear the two women. They’re screaming at the top of their lungs. The headboards are banging in rhythm. This goes on for quite sometime. Lane and Sonya walk out of there rooms. Stumbling with the goofiest expression ever. You can tell they were banged senseless. They raise a glass of wine. They look over and Jonathan and Bismarck are sitting there. High-fiving one another like teenagers. “I told you I can make her sing.” Bismarck, brags. “Dude!! It sounded like you two were moving furniture.” They continue to have the dudeversation. Lane and Sonya are literally passed out on the couch.

The men stare at them. Bismarck smiles.. “We hit the jackpot. There’s no way that we can mess this up.” Jonathan looks at him. “I wanted her since I saw her. I got what I want, so does she.”

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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