The First Month Of Lockdown

It’s been an entire month since the city has been on pause. At first many of us took it as a joke. Yes.. The memes were funny. However, when you hear that your favorite places are closing until further notice. It’s not funny. Wait!! It really gets unfunny when your job is closing also.

Many of us thought… This will be a week or two. Many of us thought… This is the end of the world. Many of us thought… How on earth am I going to pay my bills? Millions have jumped on unemployment. Some are still struggling just to get a confirmation. Due to the overflow of traffic. While many of us are blessed to have people who care and will slide something in your account. Or, still live at home. Or, have side hustles that will keep them afloat. There are many who will probably affected the first week. Some of getting cut off notifications. Meanwhile, no one is taking this serious. This is insane!!

What about the ones who still have to work? They have to suit up with a mask and gloves. Pray for dear life they don’t lean on or touch anything. Taking a risk of catching it. While trying to keep the lights on. What about the homeless situation? You know that many reside on the subway… No masks and gloves at all. We see daily MTA employees are catching it and dying. Hospitals and funeral homes are at a max capacity. Nurses and doctors have caught the virus. This is not going to be fixed for a while. By the way…. Where did you all put the toilet paper?

On another note… I haven’t been to work in a month. I’m still exhausted but I do miss my coworkers. I miss the train delays. I miss running to the bar and catching up with friends. I started attending events at the Met. That came to a halt. I was supposed to go to the ballet and charity events. That’s all been postponed. I’ve slowed down and it’s a good thing. It just sucks that it took this mess to happen. I went from eating takeout every day to cooking all the time. I totally enjoy it. Everyone has gone virtual… From happy hour to dance parties even school. The virtual happy hours have been great and for those who are home alone it helps. You appreciate the group chats now. You also learn… Who is there for you? Who is not? Don’t get depressed about that. It makes you stronger. While you’re stuck indoors. Think about what you want to do when this is over.

For starters… I’m going to be a bit wiser budgeting. Not able to go anywhere has helped. So, I’m going to not go out as much. My social circle is definitely changing. I’ve met some amazing souls during these virtual events. I can’t wait to have a great time in person. While some people will see the door. I’m going to have a more positive outlook on things. Saying no is still working. I’m going to take care of myself a lot better. I’m even going to be open to dating. Yikes!! Change is good!! Let me rock!!

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

2 thoughts on “The First Month Of Lockdown”

  1. Your sentiments are shared by many, including myself. I didn’t know how serious the shutdowns would be, and it’s concerning each time the shelter in place order gets pushed back. But I’m doing alright, and we will get through this!

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