The Girl Starts Dating….. Again

It’s been pretty rough for Sonya. After a breakup that she wasn’t an official breakup. Meaning… They were still sleeping together. Without the emotional attachment. Sonya, was still into Richard. Then the world shutdown and so did her heart. So she thought…

They’ve been in separate cities. Sonya has been spending time on zoom and trying to relaunch her career. Richard is doing the same thing. They don’t talk for about three months. Sonya is feeling that when this is over. She would love to start dating again. This time she’s moving silently. Anytime, she meets someone. She tells her best friend Teresa. Which is fine.. However, she tells her boyfriend everything they talk about. What happened to “Girl Code”?! She knows there is some judgment coming from them. Not that she gives a rats ass. Teresa and her boyfriend are not on everyone’s page. If Sonya wants to drag Teresa about all the shenanigans that she’s done. She most definitely can… Remember, who you were when you were single? Girl… Stop it!! So, not sharing is the best thing for Sonya.

It’s the weekend and the world is opening up. Slowly but surely, it’s getting there. She meets with friends at a bar. Everyone is catching up. You can remove your mask as you sit. So, she instantly starts bird watching. She sees some duds and studs. She hears this man. He’s rambling and everything is laughing. She looks and sees, a silver haired man about late 40s. Could be early 50s. He has a young face. He looks like could’ve gained weight during quarantine. He had that look. He was handsome. Sonya gets up to use the restroom. He’s sitting with a group of friends. She says smiles at him. He grabs her arm and introduces himself. She replies… He kisses her hand and compliments her. She’s laughing hysterically and nervously. Where is this man from? Did he have the Covid? He’s kissing her hand more. Eventually, the exchange phone numbers.

They have light conversations here and there. Then one night… Sonya sends a text. They’re now back and forth. They weren’t going to be at the same place bar this weekend. They both had other obligations. Somehow, things changed. They were both at the bar. They chatted and they sat with their friends. Sonya, whispers to her friend Tracy. “There’s a guy here I’ve been talking to” Tracy looks and they high five. His name is Marlon and he’s 51. Sonya is 40-41 depending on her mood. Anyway, they talk at the end of the night. They see one another the next day. They go for a walk. He brings her back to his place. He’s the perfect gentleman. They talked about each other. Laughing about how they met. The night ended with two individuals kissing nonstop. They both had to work the next day. Sonya, loves her own bed. So, she was going home. They talked when she got home. These two are going to see one another again. They’re into each other. They both haven’t had romance in a while. It’s nice to see two people coming together.

I wonder how the actual date is going to go.

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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