The Girls Can Cook!

As Lane and Sonya prepare dinner for the gentlemen. Bismarck storms into the kitchen and immediately samples the salmon that Lane decided to grill. Why did he do that? All of a sudden, this loud shriek comes from the other side of the rooftop. “Away from the grill or else!!” He runs by and slaps Lane on the booty and gives her a kiss. Within seconds… Jonathan pops up and snatches a hand full of cheese and a beer. Sonya just gives him the once over and shakes her head. He runs over picks her up and kisses her. The girls give them a fake laugh and yells… “Go somewhere!!!”

It’s the ladies turn to do something for the fellas. Lane and Sonya decided to chef it up for them. It’s time that Jonathan takes a break from cooking for everyone on Sunday. With the assistance of Bismarck. He’s the taste tester and will definitely bash you if it’s subpar. Meanwhile, his burnt pancakes are phenomenal. That’s the they tell him. It’s Salmon, Steak, Burgers, Shrimp and Chicken Kabobs. Along with Macaroni and Cheese, rice, vegetables and salad. They ladies set up a charcuterie for men. They were getting stoned and needed munchies. Also, the ladies put up a projector for movie night.

The food is finally done and looks and tastes amazing. It’s a beautiful night in February. Lane went to get the heater just in case. Sonya and Jonathan disappeared for a good forty minutes. We all know what they went to do. It doesn’t take that long to get ice. They didn’t even come back with any ice. Those two aren’t slick it all. Neither were Lane and Bismarck who were shook when they came back to the roof. That beach chair looked like it been through hell and back. The crew finally begins to eat. The men are pleased with the food. However, they were disappointed that the beer was a room temperature. That changed when Sonya made them Whiskey smoothies. Lane recommended that everyone watches 1,000 pound sisters. She’s into watching people go on a journey to getting better. They’re all familiar with she show.

A few hours later, David and Mark showed up. The guys are happy to see Mark. He showed up with cases of IPA. The show is paused and it’s a mini party on the roof. It’s clear that David was going to be down with the women. Mark bonded with them fellas. Out of nowhere, David makes this loud noise. He has an amazing whistle register. He fell in love with the salmon. Bismarck looked at him like he was nuts. Someone complimented his girlfriends food and not his. Calm down, buddy. He just joined the circle. Meanwhile, Jonathan just slammed three beers and is winking at Sonya.

The night goes on and it’s amazing. They do a group call to Clara. She’s out and about with JoAnn. I guess that’s the new thing lately. Every time Sonya reaches out that’s who she’s with. They’ll be other invitations… If she answers the phone. Where’s Clara?

Author: Chazz.

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