The girls do lunch…

Sonya and Serena actually made plans to do lunch. Normally, it’s a game of cat and mouse and a case of teeth pulling. Okay… Serena had an appointment in Sonya’s neighborhood. That’s really how that happened. This time Sonya was a bit late. Due to Serena being slid in for the appointment. Which means it can run about 15 minutes later than expected. So… Sonya estimated wrong timing. Serena was expecting the tea spillage about the demise of her entanglement. You can’t really say that Sonya was in a relationship. It happened so quickly.

So… Serena finds a spot that Sonya frequents. This is actually a good thing. Sonya is an extremely picky eater. She’s a pescatarian and needs a specific drink. It was a nice fall afternoon. She started off with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Serena snacked on fries. It’s the new law for outdoor seating. You have to order some kind of food sit down and drink. It’s not that bad… A few places have started something dope. Like the Brazen Head in Brooklyn. They have a great cheesy bread and salmon sliders. It’s a win for some.

They clink glasses and Sonya begins… She talks about how the break up went down. Serena needs to know every detail. I mean… every detail. Did you cry? What are you feeling now? More out of concern… The only thing Sonya felt bad about was that.. Someone was hurt. You never want to hurt their feelings. However, it wasn’t time for Sonya. A blind person can even see that. What Sonya didn’t expect was for Serena to drop a bomb. Her and her boyfriend have been arguing lately. Which is different… They’re usually smothering the crap out of one another. I mean they did quarantine together. They didn’t fight.. Not to anyone’s knowledge, to say the least. It didn’t become the “I hate men series”. Sonya is just going to have fun. No attachments.. She was literally married after a first date. Serena, gives her some great advice. Sonya returned the favor.

The drinks kick in… Sonya starts seeing the guys come to the bar. She’s a bit excited. She doesn’t want to talk to any of them. It’s just some eye candy. Serena wasn’t too interested. She just wanted to talk. They barely hang out anymore. She wants every bit. It’s been about two weeks. These ladies hung out everyday at one point. One of the guys recognizes Sonya. He walks over and says hello. Serena, looks at Sonya.. “Girl!! You better get him!!” Sonya bursting into laughter… “Shut up!!” Little did Sonya know… He heard the girls talk. So much for the ten second rule.

After about six rounds of drinks and junk food. They get ready to depart ways. The gentleman stops Sonya and says. “I’ll see you on Tuesday.” “You come on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s” Sonya was a bit wasted but she caught that. He notices her… She doesn’t want to get into a relationship. However, she wants him to pound her senseless. She sized him up and down. He says to Serena.. “Make sure that you bring her back.” Serena laughing hysterically.. “Okay.” Serena doesn’t know that they’ve conversed before. Actually, a few times. This time the exchange was a bit different. The booze was flowing and it’s was beautiful outside. Sonya hugs Serena as she gets into an Uber. Sonya walks home… She lives that close

She definitely going to the bar on Tuesday. It’s just nice to be friendly and meet different types of men. She’s not going to sleep with them. It’s just the company. Well… Maybe two of them. Stay tuned!!

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.