The Grand Exit…. Not!

When you plan to stay for five minutes. Why would you stay for an hour? Usually, when people do this. They know that something insane might happen. Especially, when it’s in an extremely sketchy neighborhood. It looked like Oprah gave each block a police tower. Why did every block need one? Why did Sonya even care? She could’ve just dropped off the card and left.

It was one of those moments. They offer a drink, you don’t to say no. She went to visit a few mourners. They talk about the deceased. It’s a few funny stories. Suddenly, the moment begins to change. “Why do you keep looking around? Oh! Let’s guess… You’re uncomfortable?” This is coming from someone way across the room. Sonya, continues her conversation. The statement is repeated. This time they’ve added “Sonya!!”. She responds with a “no” then continues talking. “Well, you look like you don’t want to be here.” This is coming from her aunt. The one that over the years. Everyone started to stay away from. This was probably why. “I wouldn’t worry about it.” It goes on for about three minutes. Instantly, someone tells the aunt to back off. She doesn’t want to because… Sonya, thinks she’s better than everyone. “We’re not going to do anymore of this. Do you realize that you’re the reason no one visits you? No one calls you! You have to bribe family members to give you the time of day….” Sonya goes off for about four minutes. Her Uber was arriving…

The aunt ends up shutting up. She lost that argument. However, Sonya wasn’t done. Actually, she was. It just went a bit differently. Her pocketbook was near all the alcohol. The aunt paid for an iced sculpture. After all the back and forth. Sonya, seemed to be unbothered by the whole thing. She’s still laughing and talking. The aunt on the other hand is talking a bunch of crap. As Sonya picks up her bag. Her other bag slides off her shoulder. It knocks over two bottles of champagne and the iced sculpture. Five people witnessed this… it was a total accident. Sonya, apologized and everyone vouched for her. She even offered to pay for the damages. “That’s right you little bitch! You’re going to for this!” The room gotten quiet. Sonya says.. “I’m a bitch?” Then she flips over the entire table and says… “That’s Queen Bitch and you aren’t getting a damn thing.” It now leads to cousins arguing. Where’s Clara? She would usually call around this time? Nope!! Where’s Serena? Probably with her boyfriend. She wasn’t going to call Jonathan. It would’ve led to something more. Someone called the police and automatically the family points out Sonya. They explained that she started everything. The police actually takes her and puts her in the car. They didn’t handcuff her. However, she was escorted out and it was embarrassing. She’s explaining her side to the police. The aunt comes out adding more fuel to the fire. Suddenly, a gentleman comes out trying to get the officers attention. “I have a video of some of the what happened?” Who talks like this? Anyway, was he going to be the saving grace? The police look at the phone. They’re totally on Sonya’s side. The officer said.. “You started with her first and it was a total accident. Everyone saw that.. you want to have her arrested. We’re not arresting her. However, we’re giving you a citation. You’re not supposed to have more than a certain amount of people here. It’s a pandemic.” These people weren’t at the function. They were bystanders being nosy. A crowd of maybe thirty were spectating this foolishness. Meanwhile, Sonya is still with the police. They told her that she needs to call someone to get her. What?? She can get in a car and go. They felt that if they leave before she does. The situation will rehash. She calls a few friends. Not one friend answered. She has no choice but to call Jonathan.

He picks her up from the police. She didn’t explain anything. She just told him to get here. He jumps out of the car. He sees the police sky towers. He looks at Sonya with fear and confusion. The police explained everything that happened. Which made him a bit upset. He felt he should’ve been there with her. He didn’t want to get into that. He wanted to get her away from all of this. A few relatives come to see Sonya off. Giving her words of encouragement. She’s never going to see this people again. It’s really no need to anyway. Especially, that miserable aunt of hers. Sonya begins to explain everything in the car. He puts her head in his lap, stroking her hair. He listened to every detail and hit her with…. “You have no reason to see them anymore. You have Clara, Lane, Bismarck and I. If there’s a reason you have to go around these people. We’re going with you.” She begins to laugh hysterically. “Serena and her boyfriend plus your Addams family. Who else do I need to avoid?” They both laugh and goof off the rest of ride home.

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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