The Hamptons Trip

Leaving a getaway can be bittersweet. You’re extremely sad that it’s come to an end. At the same time, you can’t wait to get home. It was as soon as, we hopped on the LIRR. I was anxious and antsy about getting in my bed. I sat on the train and my body gave me the hint.

Firstly, I would love thank my friends Carl & Craig for the invitation. I haven’t seen them as often since the pandemic hit. It was really great to catch up. Also, I remembered him mentioning building a movie theater in the basement. I managed to get a quick video at the end of the trip. I was pretty much tipsy the entire trip. We would wake up around 8am. I was borderline plastered by noon. Then we went around town. I’m really a lightweight so I kept sneaking off to take naps. Which was not good but I had no choice. Also, I still had a little bit of stuff to do. I had my MacBook on hand. Just in case, I had any music ideas. I didn’t just worked on creating an extended version of “Groovy Aliens Forever”. Which has been doing extremely well on SoundCloud. I felt like just under four minutes isn’t enough. These days it feels like a four minute song is an extended version. The songs that are coming out today. Most are just a bit over two minutes. That’s no fun….

My friends that have become family were also there. Jen, Trin, Christine, Joe and Jason. Joe gave us the tour around town. He was amazing! Then we had a mini photo shoot. I’m so glad that I’ve had my options with me. If we’re going away for three days. I’m packing for about six days. You never know what can happen. We were going to do dinner at a restaurant. That planned changed, I still wanted to dress up. I didn’t know anyone out there. Other than my friends. Oh! I was going to get really cute! I was in full pool mode have the day. When I made the switch. Everyone was saying that I had to go walking around. I definitely blended in with the city.

I even took off my glasses. That’s rare!

I really wanted to go by Ralph Lauren. Also, Joe wanted to take pictures of Jen and I. She and I are some fancy Pisces. We are usually on the same page with everything. Same age, same sign we were put together for a reason. I’m so thankful for her and Trin. I love that I can be myself around everyone. No one telling me to tone it down. Which it wasn’t nothing to tone down. Family can destroy your whole being. I’m glad I have a chosen one. I actually do have some really amazing blood relatives. I’ve reconnected with them during the pandemic. Some others, I just needed to cancel. Which was freaking easy as hell. Anyway, we have a blast whenever we get together and it shows. Christine is a low key comedienne. Also, I love her personality in general. We’re into the same things. It was the perfect group! I’ve met so many amazing people out there. I fell in love with a home that’s $52,000,000.00 and I plan to own something like it. The Hamptons is just dope! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I can’t wait to go back!!

Your favorite Pisces
We had to hit Wall Street in The Hamptons

I immediately passed out and had a good ten hour sleep. I think I still need some recharging. I’m definitely doing this again!!!

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