The Odd Couple in Music

Lixander calls me in for an emergency meeting. I love his emergencies. It’s never anything insane. Thank goodness! The way he gets excited you would think so. It’s just he has an idea that’ll definitely work for someone or something. This has been his going on for years. Jay mentioned that he should just write it in the notes or a voice memo. His excuse was not a good one. However, it was one that Jay was not going to continue. It was a simple “Who wants to do all of that?” I laughed hysterically to Jay’s displeasure.

We enter the Popular Son Music Factory. That’s what he’s calling his studio. I’m building mine and it’s called Shroomtown Productions. He automatically goes into a song that he wants to do for himself. He’s been working in a group for a while. He wants to knock out an EP not a full album. He wants to rap instead of sing. I’ve never heard this man spit a verse ever. Lixander is a crooner and belter. He grabs this book and it’s full of scribble scrabble. He began to give us what he has. We were floored!! Jay grabbed him and planted one on his cheek. It was a proud uncle moment for sure. I’m now looking at him as if he lost his mind. He has an excellent flow and he’s speaking about common sense. Not the mumble jumble that’s we’re trying to get rid of.

I think it’s great that he’s going for something different. Everyone that knows him is going to be in for a surprise. Jay tells him that they’ll begin working on something immediately. Lixander mentions this song that he was working on for someone else. Oh no! I’m so happy that Jay and I work together when it’s my time in the studio. He gives him the beat and tells him to get to work. His next idea…. Chazz is going to be on the hook!! I don’t think so!!! I immediately grabbed my trench and was heading out the door. He blocks me and yells for Jay. Wait!! Am I going to be trapped into this? He mentions that it’ll be great for both of us. I’ve done the featured thing. I was in a group also. I was never the lead vocalist. I still have our demo from years ago. We would’ve went pretty far. We were trying to be like the male SWV or Jade. I do remember the time when I did sing lead on one of the songs. The producer then switched the entire song around. One of the guys was pissed. I would be too. Especially, if I wrote the entire song. The other dude didn’t care he just wanted to sing. We went our separate ways a year later.

I was able to perform with a Grammy Nominated Hip Hop Artist. We worked together and she saw something in me. We’ve performed all over the city. Spent crazy hours in the studio. Long rehearsal hours, it was great looking back at it. We took a hiatus. This time it was a creative hiatus. We’ve been working on other things. At the same time our projects are affiliated with one another. No one knew that I was going to begin working on a solo music project. I’m trying to find my way as an artist. It’s not an easy journey. You can fantasize about your favorite artist and want to be like them. That is totally impossible you have to be yourself. As a producer you can just chill in the cut. I have a few tracks where my vocals are very present. It’s been published, mastered and ready to go. I want to do a few more to back it up.

We have similar taste in listening to music. As far as, performing tastes. We’re on different planets. The beat is a chill groove type. I’ve done that for quite some time now. I’m trying to switch things up. I feel like I’m being authentic this go around. I’m more the Funk and Glitch-Hop dude. If we can mash everything together. This might just work!

Stay tuned!

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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