The Questions/Comments/Concerns When You Return To Work

Most of the world has been out of work. Due to being locked down for the past few months. Majority of coworkers have become friends. Some you couldn’t stand and you’re extremely happy with not seeing them. I haven’t been back to work yet. I have just not in the actual building. I can just imagine what everyone is saying to one another. It’s totally random… Here we go!!!

1. Omg!! How you’ve been? -Really after we liked videos and pics on social media and we’ve done happy hour on Zoom.

2. How many people did you know pass away from the virus? -If you’ve spoken during lockdown. Why are you asking this question? Do we get a toaster oven for the most deaths?

3. You received more money from unemployment then you would’ve working a 40 hour week. -Why is this anyone’s business? That’s probably the work snitch getting tea. Watch out!!

4. I can tell you stayed near the refrigerator the entire time. -Okay! Bad enough you couldn’t find anything to wear that day. You get hit with this!!

5. Are you two still together? -We’ve been watching y’all for a while now. You look like an unstable couple. Let’s see who when the bet!

6. I doubled dated virtually and it was a nightmare. -No you’re just the couple that everyone hates.

7. I’m finally off the wagon. -Who are you kidding? You’ve been the most lit at the virtual happy hour.

8. I’m finally going to let them know how unfair they treat everyone. -We are going to grow old waiting for that one.

9. She still dresses trashy. -Clearly, you’re just upset that she can pull it off and you don’t stand a chance.

10. I think I have the rona!!! – Oh!! Just shut up!! Don’t bring your negativity back to the workplace!!

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.