The Return….

Ever since lockdown I’ve had the opportunity to work multiple jobs. Which has been much easier than working one job five-six days a week. I’ve revived my acting career, started a podcast and completed an album. I’ve also been spending time in the mortuary business. That’s been the best!

It really has… Who knew?

Yes! This is the same person that’ll avoid a funeral service at any cost. If it was a family member, I would babysit a hollering child so I wouldn’t have to go. Today I see what goes on behind the scenes and the hard work that goes on. The most enjoyable has been the services. I know it’s a somber moment. To see other cultures and how their services are. It’s wonderful! Some will have a whole band come in and give their relatives a good send off. Also, it’s the complimentary appreciation that comes after. To make a family feel good during a rough time is amazing.

This week I was asked to help out my job. The one that I worked before lockdown. It’s been a year and a half. Except for handling online services. I thought it would be nice to do. Also, to make some shopping money. It’s only for a few days. To be honest…. I don’t miss it at all. The good thing is that I’m remote. I can still focus on my own business and work at the funeral home. I did promise myself to never get back into the salon business ever again. However, I don’t have to see anyone. I’m glad that I don’t have to see any of the stylists. With the exception of two.. I don’t mind a trip to see them. This is probably why I didn’t focus on my stuff before. This job will bother you when your off. My alarm would go off and a text or phone call from someone at the job. By the time the shift was over. I just wanted to sleep or drink. I guess a job can lead you to drink. Or, maybe I didn’t realize that I hated it so much. Being a receptionist from home is much better. I can truly say…. I don’t miss this at all. Note to self… It’s only for three days.

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