The reunion of Sonya & Serena

It’s been about three weeks. Sonya and Serena have been pretty busy. Serena, is finishing her last year of school. Which is going to be intense for her. Shes going to be an amazing doctor. Sonya, has booked two acting jobs and a modeling gig. It was time for them to catch up. I’m sure they have a lot to talk about……..

Three weeks is an extremely long time for them. These two are like Laverne & Shirley. Lucy & Ethel, Weezy & Helen. You know what I mean. Serena, calls Sonya to make plans to meet. Usually, it’s Sonya. Sonya had a free day. She’s been studying lines and needed a break. They meet up Downtown. Sonya arrived early.. on time. Serena, has been late for everything. Since, she’s been seeing Gregory. It’s not good when she has to catch up with Sonya. She’s had three margaritas waiting for her. These two are like sisters. They put up with each other’s crap. Literally… They’ve had some disagreements. When they may need about three days apart. They always come back together.

So they are having the usual girl talk. Then Sonya drops news… “I’ve been seeing someone for a while.” Serena is a bit shocked. Not that she’s seeing someone. The fact that it’s been over a month. Sonya and Serena were on a weekend getaway three weeks ago. Sonya didn’t want to jinx anything. She’s into this guy. So… They’re discussing the details. Serena then says… “Maybe we can all have dinner.” Which might be cool.. Sonya isn’t the double date type. I’m sure that she’ll work on it. She’ll make an exception for her friend.

Serena, has a bit of drama. Her and Sonya are best friends. However, they have separate lives and careers. She has a friend Lucinda that just randomly shows up. Raids the refrigerator and usually asks for help with studies. Sonya immediately rolls her eyes and slammed the last of the frozen margarita. Serena, tells her all the crazy shenanigans about Lucinda. Sonya response.. “You clearly had enough and you had to let her know. You took too long to say something. However, I do not see you in the wrong.” Serena like Sonya , will let it all bottle up. Then when it’s the last straw. They become tornadoes. Sonya is very happy not to be around her circle. It’s always something.

Omg! Sonya and Serena on dates with their boyfriends. This would be interesting. What’s awesome is it will be four nationalities at the dinner table. Sonya and Mikey are the older couple. Serena and Sonya are about ten years apart. They’ve met a bar, started yapping and been inseparable since. You would think these two may have hooked up. It’s a definitely NO! Sonya does play around. Serena isn’t her type. People even asked if they were a couple. They would just laugh. You would definitely see that they are not. Especially, after a few drinks. Serena, would be in a corner eating face. She’s not like that anymore. Well… Only with Gregory.

Sonya and Serena probably won’t see one another for the next few weeks. I’m sure they’ll have something interesting to talk about.

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.