The strange wake up calls….

It’s around six in the morning. Sonya is wide awake. A bit strange for her. Sonya doesn’t usually get up until about noon on Saturday. While she’s still in a haze. She didn’t go out for two days. She didn’t touch any booze in the house. It was a great two days of relaxing. Why was she so fuzzy? Only she would know… She grabs remote control and suddenly the phone rings.

You can’t really call it a wake up call, if you’re already up. However, it was the first call of the day. Also, her phone wasn’t on silent. It scared the mess out of her. Anyway, it’s Serena! Sonya panicked a bit. Serena, also doesn’t wake up until noon on weekends. Serena, can hibernate until three in the afternoon. She starts with… “Beeyotch!! Are you okay? What happened last night?” We’re they supposed to meet up? Not at all.. They went to a virtual karaoke bar. They were stoned out of their minds. Serena, reminds Sonya of the groundbreaking performance of “I hate boys by Christina Aguilera.” Sonya was in her feelings. She chose every song that bashed men. She nailed each song. You would’ve thought she was on American Idol. Or, one of those competitor shows. Serena knew that she’s still upset about the breakup. She knows Sonya like the back of her hand. It turns into FaceTime. They chat for over two hours. Sonya, just needed to vent. She did it through song. Serena begs her not to give up on love. Begging her to answer the door if it comes knocking again. They finish coffee virtually and suddenly an interruption…

Sonya gets a video call via Instagram. Wait!! Who does this?? She rejects the call. The call comes back… She answers. Don’t worry, she looked presentable. It was a coworker from a previous job. She’s kind of short in the beginning of the conversation. Instantly, her voice changes to a soft tone. This dude is very attractive. They’ve flirted with one another. Nothing ever came to fruition. He’s very vocal about what he wants. He goes.. “I saw you in my neighborhood. You were with this short chick, going in the subway. I was driving and I figured I hit you up and say hi.” She forgot he lives in the neighborhood. They haven’t seen each other in a while. With the exception of social media. She lets him know that she frequents the neighborhood often. He goes.. “So, when can we go for dinner or whatever?” He starts dancing and it’s hysterical. Sonya, let’s him know. It’s just dinner and that’s it. Alex, looks into the phone. “What if I want more? You know we want each other. Stop it.” There’s a pause.. They are staring each other down. She lets him know about the breakup. He told her that he understood. However, he’s a still a dude. She’s an attractive woman. I think she’ll let him bang.

They meet up for brunch. She’s doing unlimited mimosas. He’s doing unlimited screwdrivers. They’re both slim and can eat like total pigs. Its a lot of catching up, gossiping about former employees, coworkers messing around etc… They are having the time of their lives. He’s being such a gentleman towards her. She knows him as a goofball but sexy. This was different.. They both are older now. They leave the restaurant and he grabs her hand. He leans in and kisses her. “I wanted to do this for a long time. I know you’re not looking for anything. Just think about me, when you do.” She smiles and kisses him back. They continue walking… He brings her home. They drank from 2-8.. They were trashed and she invites him in.

She throws him a jar of pot and paper. He rolls up, she watches him in amazement. It wasn’t spectacular rolling skills. He just looks hot rolling it. They smoke and watch a few sitcoms. It’s now midnight.. She definitely needs to knockout. She offers him to stay, he accepts. So, they smoke a lot more then pass out. She shows him where everything is. He grabs water and pretends to throw it at her. She throws a oven mitt in his direction. Now they’re wrestling on the floor. About twenty minutes later.. They’re in bed

Alex was the perfect gentleman. They didn’t sleep together at all. It was just a few make outs. Sonya isn’t going to pursue a relationship. She’s not even trying to smash at this moment. She still has to go to the bar with Serena on Tuesday. She’s a mess!!

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.