This album was pretty good.

Recently, I’ve been spending time listening to a few artists. Whom, I never gave a chance. Why? I don’t know. Maybe, it was the media or critics. I’m glad that I took the time and gave this album a listen.

What led me to this album… I was watching the Janet Jackson documentary. She’s the Jackson that I listen to the most. Followed by Michael and Rebbie, The song “Centipede” is a banger. I find myself still listening to a few songs from the “Yours Faithfully” album from 1998. I’ve never gave the brothers a chance. Wait! Jermaine has a duet with Whitney Houston. I’m counting that one, it was played a lot in my house growing up.

Curiosity has hit me and I wanted to hear LaToya. She has tons of albums and I’ve never heard one. I started listening to the “Heart Don’t Lie” album. I must say it’s a bit underrated. Also, the first track “Think Twice” should’ve been a single. It would’ve made some serious noise. It’s definitely a good 80’s album with pop, R&B and reggae. I’m definitely impressed. Will, I listen to the other albums? It’s definitely a yes. I didn’t regret it and you won’t either.

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