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Super Mario a writer who dreams of becoming a director. His multiple personalities can get him in and out of trouble. As well as, everyone else. He’s somewhat introverted. Not all the time. He’ll pop out and show his ass. Depends on who’s around. He’s at a place where he feels. It’s just the beginning. Life is just starting. He pretends to be this nonchalant person. Deep down he cares about almost everyone. He’ll even cry with you. If he loves you. Although… He has a bit of a snobby attitude. Those that he allows in will get to see who he truly is. He’s truly humble and sweet. It’s more of a defense mechanism. Why is he like this? Only he knows… He hates people that are competitive. He feels the only person that he needs to compete with is himself. He is a hopeless romantic. That dreams of having the picture perfect relationship. Just like the rest of the world. However, he looks for love in all the wrong places. What’s crazy is… he’s not affected by being single at all. Especially, when he has married individuals wanting to bang the fuck out of him. He’ll only go as far as kissing. Unless, he’s included in a three some. The couple needs to be hot and understand the rules. He’ll never be a home wrecker. He’s at the stage where he wants to have fun but his clock is ticking. The funny thing is. He can tell you about his love life. But don’t you dare ask him about it. If you do he’ll get defensive. That’s one strange dude. Everyone wants him to hurry up and get married. He would rather be a single parent. He’s actually hitting his prime. So, they’ll have to wait. He hates being the center of attention. He gets awkward when complimented. However, you’ll see him get a little giddy. He’s gotten so use to being everyone’s favorite person. Or, the person everyone wants around. He feels like a big/little brother to some. So, if you call him attractive. He’ll question it. Or, call you a jerk. It’s not personal. It’s just ewwww to him. Someone called him sexy once… He literally cringed and wanted to puke. One thing of about this guy. Is that he’s a great listener. You can confide in him about anything. He doesn’t judge anyone. He feels that is Gods job. If you cross him. He’ll address it and let karma handle the rest. He’s introduced enough people to his hands. Plus.. He’s matured and a bit more resilient this days. Now… if he can learn to take a joke. He’ll be just fine. You may just need to ask him first. He’s a bit of a people pleaser. He’s growing out of that. It’s a bit nerve wracking for him. He started saying NO. He’s no longer forcing himself to do shit. That’ll make him miserable. Who knows who his real friends and family are. It took him a while to figure that out. He just needs to put on his blue shell and focus.


Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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