This Smoothie Came Out Great!

Since treating myself to this Bullet. The kitchen has been pretty noisy. I didn’t realize that it was so loud. They seriously need to come up with a smoother sounding one. Or, maybe I just can’t stand noise. Also, I didn’t know that it can automatically stop working from over usage. I’m going to admit that I’ve overpacked it once, it began to smoke. That smell is atrocious. Anyway, you’ve might’ve made this one. However, you haven’t had my version. Peep this!!

I’ve been trying all different kinds since Christmas. I’m getting a lot better at choosing the right amount of ingredients. I would just throw in what I thought was enough. I mean, you’re supposed to. You just have to put the right amount to keep it from exploding with fruit everywhere. It hasn’t happened to me. I’ve seen it on television and I’m a bit paranoid. Moving on to the smoothie….

I threw some mangoes, pineapples, kale and spinach together. Then I added some oats, chia seeds and flax seeds. A little yogurt and oat milk, just because. Next thing you know… Voila!!! It came out great!! It’s the best one that I’ve made so far. It was filling and satisfying.

So good!

With all the ingredients that are in here. You’re guaranteed a visit to the toilet. It’s a lot of fiber going on here. Which is a good thing. You get your vitamins and Chia and flax seeds are both very nutritious. Both also offer similar benefits for heart health, blood sugar levels and digestion. However, flax seeds do appear to have a slight advantage, especially when it comes to reducing hunger and appetite, as well as lowering the risk of certain cancers. My appetite has changed since the smoothie life. So, I’ll have one with the oats and seeds for breakfast. I’ll have one with just fruits, veggies and coconut milk. If I keep skipping dinner I’ll waste away.


8 ounces of oat or coconut milk
2 cups of fresh kale and Spinach
1 Cup of frozen pineapples
1 Cup of frozen mango

You can add the oats and seeds to your liking. It can come out pretty thick. So, depending on how you like it. Place into the blender until smooth. Pour it into a glass and get to sipping. Enjoy!!!

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.