Three Divas Made Good

That’s what we were called the other night. Lixander, Parsons and I were actually having a great time recording. That what Jay was thinking. It was the total opposite. If the three of us could’ve thrown down, we would’ve.

However, we have a genuine love for one another. So, we just gave each other the silent treatment. Which actually helped the recording process. We each went in an nailed our parts. It was no more than two takes between us. Thinking about it now, it’s totally hilarious. We didn’t speak to each other the entire night. Jay and Manny were looking at us like we were crazy. I was cornered and pressed to tell what was going on. It was a recording issue. There was an total dope track that Manny produced and gave to Jay. We each heard the track. I wasn’t interested in it at all. It was Lixander and Parsons that wanted to use it. My issue was the argument was going down on my session. Eventually, this was resolved by Jay. Which didn’t make it any better.

I suggested that they both use it. You can change the melody and the tempo. It would sound totally different. I was an idea that was sat on. It kept everyone quiet. I just kept reminding him that the group thing would never work. He finally agreed with me! He said that three diva personalities is a nightmare. At the same time, something good comes out in the end. Everyone is extremely happy with a touch of shade. We always end up hugging and laughing in the end. This time it has just taken a bit longer. We worked on a track called “Aliens Revenge”. It has a house music party vibe to it. We each just took turns doing vocal runs and adlibs. This was an old track that we’ve worked on in 2020. We totally reworked the entire track. The first version was good. I’m feeling this one a lot more. It was very challenging to do. I was beyond nervous. I felt great coming out of the booth. When the producers smile. You know you did good. You can tell that we were having fun. Despite the tension… Each of our parts we are singing some type of love thing. We’ve also have a slower version. It’s not that much slower but you can definitely tell. You can dance fast to one. You can groove to the second one, just differently.

Who knows what will happen with the song that they fought over. Everyone is on great terms again. Until the next time, I guess.

Check us out below…. Enjoy!!!!


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